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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by chrislee8, Aug 9, 2004.

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    Hi, I am wondering is there such a thing in Mac, Registry.

    in windows, app uses registry a lot to store all kinds of information. anything equivalent to that in Mac?

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    This information is generally stored in the Mac preferences (HD > Library > Preferences, or User > Library > Preferences). Although some are also in Library > Application Support.

    Generally speaking, though, there isn't a Registry Editor in the Mac like in Windows to change settings. There are ways to do it, but I'm not the expert on that end...
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    The closest thing would be the .plist files in the Library->Preferences folders. Much neater (as in "cleaner" as well as in "cooler") than Windows.

    Edit: emw beat me to it. ;)
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    Apple have files that contain the same sort of information that the windows registry does. They are .plist files.

    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences - Prefs unique to your login - like HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

    /Library/Preferences - Global prefs - like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

    edit: dammit, beaten to it. 3 replys in 2 mins, not bad goin' fellas. aren't we a helpful bunch :D

    edit 2: great signature btw chrislee8 :)
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    Welcome to Macintosh.
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    Thanks, u guys AREEEE very helpful since the day I bought my PB.

    I thought you guys will tear me apart with my sig, :p

    anyways, good to see u grow, in peace.
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    I think your sig is very creative :D
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    oh, it is open source sig, so the ladies, feel free to modify the beautiful with HOT, sexy to Handsome, whatever you feel like, see? just remember to stick with GNU license, :p
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    I was to busy laughing at XP being called 'sexy'. I've never heard that before.
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    XP is my Ex.
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    Well, you opened the doors to this. As long as we're speaking in such terms, I would say XP is a fifteen dollar whore that overcharges, has too many viruses, and too many people get in free. But XP's better than Linux, which gives it away for free cause she knows no one would pay for it. OS X, on the other hand, is your hot wife who gets mad when you play around with the other OSs.
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    XP = Crackwhore: Dirt cheap and easy, but you just never know where she's been. Bring your own protection.
    OS X = Courtesan: High-class, beautiful, and experienced....but expensive.
    Linux = Wild girl! Not as easy as some, but she'll do all kinds of stuff you'd never even have thought of, and if you play your cards right, she'll do it for free.

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    I wouldn't exactly call OS X expensive, except insomuch as it does not run on cheap hardware. The OS itself is cheaper than Windows -- the full XP Home is $200, and the full XP Pro is $300. Upgrades are $100 less than that, so XP Home Upgrade is the only Windows that is even insignificantly cheaper than OS X
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    Also with the MS registry it loads all preferences at startup. Which is why Windows gets slower with more program installs. A Mac equivalent would be creating an Applescript to run at login to open all the contents of ~/Library/Preferences and /Library/Preferences. Generally the plist files only are read when the program is opened.
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    You've spelt penguin incorrectly. Usually I just ignore this sort of thing (unless we're already having a spelling debate ;)), but since it's on all of your posts it's probably worth pointing out :)

    Edit: And 'beautiful' too.
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    I hate the Windows registry. It gets so big and bloated your computer comes to a crawl. Not to mentuon all the spyware\adware that goes in there and takes over your system. The Mac library system makes so much more sense.

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