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Release Date Inconsistant

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by xfiring, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I am tagging "lots" of files and I can not understand why sometimes the Release Date does not show up in aTV.

    I am using Subler latest release, the field is Release Date. I have tried everything I can think of, but when I compare two files where one displays and the other doesn't I have no idea why. I even copied the exact date field from the one that works to one that doesn't and it still doesn't display.

    Any ideas??

    I have done date every way possible.
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    If the file or metadata in question has already been transferred to the Apple TV via a previous sync operation then changes that you make to the metadata on your Mac/PC may not be reflected on the Apple TV (because it will still reference the "old," unmodified file/metadata). The only way you can absolutely force the Apple TV to see this new metadata is to remove the file in question from the Apple TV and then re-sync the Apple TV to the new, modified file on your Mac/PC.

    However, the only way you can specifically remove a file from the Apple TV is to either change you syncing options/setup OR remove the file in question from iTunes on your Mac/PC and then sync the Apple TV to that new iTunes library (which no longer has the file you want to change). Of course, if you do the latter you will want to make a backup of the file before you remove it from iTunes, then sync the Apple TV, then add the file again into iTunes (from your backup) and then sync the Apple TV a second time (this should force an update to the new metadata in the just added file).
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    Thank you for the reply, however, I only stream...there is zero content actually on my aTV itself. It is all on an Unraid
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    That may not make any difference as some metadata is stored/cached on the Apple TV even if you only sync your content. For example, cover art is stored on the Apple TV even though the physical content may exist only on your Mac/PC. In fact, you can disconnect your Mac/PC from the Apple TV and the Apple TV will still show the metadata for all of your content (regardless of whether the content is stored on the Apple TV or not).

    I'd suggest that you try what I suggested in my earlier response on at least one of the files that are giving you problems. Just make sure you have a backup of that file before you delete it from your iTunes library.

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