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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Bentron, Mar 7, 2010.

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    I am wondering when the apps specifically designed for the iPad will be available to purchase from the App Store.

    I remember back in July 2008 when Apple released the iPhone 3G and opened the App Store itself the day before release if I remember correctly. I may be getting confused with dates as that was the time Apple went launch crazy and had a bit of a meltdown! I do know though that they were available for purchase before the release of the phone.

    Do people think they'll do a similar thing here? Or do all the existing Apps mean Apple are under less pressure to have 3rd Party iPad specific Apps out from day one?
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    Probably April 3rd?
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    I would guess that almost certainly whatever brand-new apps are available for the iPad, they'll be up on the (somewhat redesigned) App Store from Day 1.

    The reason I think so is that, at the big product unveiling in January, we saw that little parade of developers coming onstage, many of whom proudly announced that they would have their amazing app ready to go at the time of product launch. And I believe the Apple guy said something similar about the iWork suite. This is too important to the credibility of the product to, you know, sort of forget about for a couple of days.
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    browsing iPad apps if you don't have an iPad?

    I wonder how the iPad apps will show up... Will you need an iPad to see them? I probably won't get an iPad on day one, but would like to see what apps are available. My guess is that there will be a way to do this, as it'll be a good way to advertise the iPad... just hadn't heard anything.

    If you don't have an iPhone/touch, can you access the apps store? I just don't know, because I've never had iTunes until I got my iPod Touch.
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    I am sure that there will be plenty of apps on day one. The bugs will definitely be present since most devs wont have access to an actual iPad until launch.
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    Yes. There is an 'Apps' department on iTunes that anyone can view and purchase from, but obviously you need an iPhone or iPod Touch to use them.
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    Personally I don't think that Apple is going to accept iPad apps from 3rd parties until sometime after the iPad is available in stores. I think that just Apple's apps and maybe a few from select 3rd parties will be available on April 3.
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    Theres already a bunch of developers working on iPad apps and games for release. They talked about it in the press conference, there will be a bunch of apps and games from 3rd party available at release. I'm looking forward to NFS! :D
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    There may be some available for release from big developers who have early access to hardware, but in general no developers will have a real device to properly test on until April 3. So either Apple has to accept software that has not been properly tested or they need to delay until devs have a chance to get devices and test.
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    Apple could, of course, test the apps themselves on real iPads in Cupertino.

    I think they'll want something in the App Store on launch day.
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    That would essentially be an impossible process given the number of apps they are going to receive and the level of feedback they would need to provide in order for it to be of any use whatsoever.

    I agree that they will want something in the app store, but I think that will just be their own apps and maybe some from other big developers.
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    Well they gave some of these guys iPads for 2 weeks prior to the conference I think it was and they already had games and Apps in that time running on them. So I would think with a 2 month lead time there will be plenty to pick from by release Just because we can't get our hands on an iPad yet doesn't mean the Devs can't.

    If you are talking about all the lesser devs that make the .99 fart apps and stuff well of course we won't see much of that...but I really don't care about that LOL I just want some good games to play, I might get the brushes app too that looked pretty cool at the conference. I think Hulu was also hoping to have their app out for it by release.
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    There is currently no way for 99% of developers to get hardware, whether they make fart apps or useful tools, games, etc. As I said, I think just Apple and the handful of developers that they have given early hardware access to might have apps in the store on April 3rd. This is fine with me as both a consumer and developer. I'd rather have to wait a month or so before I can download apps from everybody else if that means they will be higher quality.
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    I agree. Apple clearly wants some 3rd Party apps at launch and is doing this by lending iPads out, as we saw from the WSJ article earlier in the week. I think a lot of developers may have apps which are 95% there, but just need to be tested out on the iPad itself.
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    Yea, in many cases it probably wouldn't take more than a week with an iPad to get an app ready for prime time, assuming it is basically working on the simulator beforehand. We'll just have to see how much of a delay Apple goes with, if any. The main benefit of a longer delay after April 3 is give all developers (in the U.S. anyway) a fair chance at getting some hardware.
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    I think your exxagerating a bit, I know of at least 5 major 3rd party developers that were showing their apps already at the press conference over a month ago by now there are probably dozens or even hundreds of apps and games being developed. I'm sure they won't all be ready at release but I am sure there will be a nice selection available.

    Your right though the little guys get left out but that's just the nature of the beast the more demand there is for your apps and games the higher priority there is for Apple to get you an iPad so you can start developing.

    I don't think there will be any shortage of games and apps at release though. That is one of the main reasons I decided to get an iPad is just because of the huge developer support the device will have from the app store. If it weren't for that i'd just get another laptop because the iPad would only be useful for surfing web.
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    Just had a look through the history books, well Wikipedia. There were 800 apps available at the app store's launch. Although you do have to consider the iPhone had been out for a year at that point so people had a greater knowledge of the device's capabilities, which isn't the case this time around. But I think you're right in that there will be a healthy number of iPad apps available, but not as much as at the original app store launch.
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    It wasn't just that people had knowledge of the device, they had the actual devices in their hands (1st gen iPhones and iPod Touches). Practically no developers (despite what bluehaze thinks) will have actual iPads until April 3 or later. I would be shocked if more than 20 developers had a chance to test their software on an iPad up to this point. Again the question remains of whether Apple will just let everybody submit their apps or not regardless of whether there is a chance that they could have been properly tested.

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