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remote apple events controlling itunes

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by trainguy77, Jul 25, 2006.

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    How would I got about using Remote Apple Events to control itunes? Is there a good web-page that covers this? I will be writing in objective-C with cocoa.
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    I figured out how to execute applescript commands remotely. Now how do I execute applescript in cocoa? I am pretty new to the whole objective C and cocoa thing.(You can probably tell)
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    I recommend lethal injection, less mess.
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    Read,read, read, read, read and read more documentation. If it were me doing it, I'd probably compile applescripts into apps and have the app just execute those apps, but that can be bad if all you see when clicking buttons is bouncing icons.

    How about... a Cocoa book - Cocoa Programming in Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass. Um... I'll research into this.
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