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Remote Desktop App Similar to OnLive's Performance

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by MICHAELSD, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I'm sure many of you are familiar with OnLive by now: games are streamed from hundreds of miles away at 30 frames per second at 720p resolution to you with a negligible lag and in-sync audio. Locally over the same wi-fi connection, a technology like this on the iPad at 1024x768 could feel very much as if you're running Mac OS or Windows on your iPad whereas typical VNC/remote desktop apps run at a very, very low framerate with noticeable lag and no audio.

    Have any remote desktop apps been able to match OnLive's performance? Running locaclly over wi-fi or a few miles away should yield even better results than OnLive. It's been proven that remote desktop apps could be a thousand times better. Has any app even come close? It'll be a breakthrough when an app does. Then you'll be able to practically do anything you can on a computer, including playing games.
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    RDP usually performs better than VNC, and some of the RDP apps are much better than others.

    But I'd like to see something more like PC-over-IP implemented as an iPad client.
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    What's the best RDP app you can name? I'm going to use my still-being-learned Objective-C experience and test different codecs and try to at least reach 15 frames per second and 250 ms lag. Wish me luck ;). Seriously, though, as my Objective-C skill gets better, I will try my best to reach much better frame rates than any VNC app I've seen or tried.
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    ive tried 3 or 4 rdp apps for the ipad and jump desktop is the best i have used so far.
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    LogMeIn Ignition is probably the fastest. Also, the lower the resolution, the better. At 1366x768, most smaller windows open lag-free. YouTube videos skip sometimes, and most Windows Aero transitions look smooth on the iPad. Very, very usable. Typing is easy as well.
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    With the right app, 1024x768 at a high quality can make it feel like you're running Windows or Mac OS on the iPad. Lag and extremely slow framerates constantly remind you that you're not, though. I don't think LogMeIn Ignition's performance looks much better than apps I've tried, though.

    I've been testing some video codecs for a remote desktop app I'm planning to make in the next year. I won't settle less than the performance OnLive has managed to achieve and maybe a better quality considering it's your own computer so that usually means a little more bandwidth, especially if you use your own Wi-Fi connection. For sure it will require a powerful computer, though the MacBook Pro in my signature is my goal to be the recommended hardware for it. So, then any recent Mac should have no problem with the software. It'll take quite a while, but I'll attempt it.
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    Interesting thread this one. My Ipad is my lounge computer and I now use my work notebook a lot less. But the thing I really miss on the Ipad is flash video from sites such as Nascar, Foxsports (aussie) and many news sites.

    So I thought the option was to stream a webpage from my notebook and noticed a couple of apps that stream audio and video but I am wary of the performance and am trying to justify the cost. I see Jump is around $20. Better to just get off my butt and boot the notebook up :)

    Interested to hear any lateral thoughts or experiences.

    Never had a mac, ipod or iphone but love my Ipad 3G 64Gb !
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    i feel as though its not fair to compare these two protocols. they are marginally different.

    RDP will give better performance, but requires more resources on the host machine.

    you will never get good performance of VNC/RDP. i use RDP daily at work. it is a DOG.

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