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remote desktop G5->PC

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by sprocklingcat, Jun 12, 2004.

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    Thinking about using remote desktop and a cheap PC to overcome the lack of Virtual PC for the G5.

    Would it improve the responsiveness by connecting the G5 directly to the PC so as to avoid network delay? Thinking about adding a second ethernet port for direct connection between the two.
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    It wouldn't be that great. You're better off buying a $50 15" CRT for the second PC. There is a video "lag" when doing remote desktop stuff. What the sever computer is basically doing is taking screenshots really fast and sending them to your G5. I don't even think sound is supported. It's usually just a tool for administrators to admin other computers without going to them or so they don't have to buy monitors for their severs.
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    Sound is most definitely supported, as it works on my similar config...If you used a crossover cable between the two machines, you should have a solid 100mbps connection (or even a 1000mbps connection, depending on the network cards in the machines).
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    my mistake

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    You won't notice blind bit of difference between 10/100/1000mbit connections. It doesn't matter how you hook it up, cross-over, hub/switch, whatever.
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    trying to get a usable situation to using autocad and 3d studio max...guess its just a cheapo dell (aren't they all?) and a kvm

    will a kvm work with an apple display and a pc?

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