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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sir SpemzR, Aug 4, 2009.

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    Ok so i have this lettering I designed a long time ago of my last name
    and i only have a jpeg and I was wondering how I can remove the white
    background smoothly and not with the photoshop lasso tool because it leaves
    the edges all choppy with a lot of noise....

    also I live traced it in Illustrator and was able to click live trace it and after
    that it seemed like it outlined each letter but it still selected the white
    background....any way to de-select it with AI?

    any PS or AI help?
    preferably AI so I can make it larger after

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    Ok, so with AI, go in and do the live trace, then (with the logo selected) click expand on the top bar. This will give you a group of objects. Now, use Apple+Shift+G to ungroup the items. This will allow you to delete the white areas.

    Hope that helps!

    Ask if you have any questions :)

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    Just open it in preview, hold down the select button in the toolbar, and choose instant alpha.

    Then click on the color you want to remove on the picture, and drag your mouse. Once it is all selected, press enter and save as png.

    UPDATE Sorry I didn't read original post properly...still this is a short term bad solution! :p
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    I use the eraser tool.

    Logo layer on top
    Red layer on bottom

    Then erase around the edges, zoomed in removing pixels. This works the same way as using the quick mask tool.

    It process is much easier using a tablet though.
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    I'd do this in photoshop.
    Duplicate layer, delete 'background layer', go to select, colour range and click on the white. Play with the fuzzyness to clean it up and then press delete to make it transparent.

    Then if you wanted to you can go into illustrator and make it neater in there using livetrace etc
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    It might be crude, but the magic wand tool in PS?
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    1. Select all.
    2. Copy.
    3. Add new alpha channel.
    4. Paste.
    5. Invert. (Cmd-I)
    6. Make selection of channel.
    7. Delete channel.
    8. Create new layer.
    9. Fill selection with black.
    10. Delete original layer.

    This can be saved as an action for future use.

    There will likely be some JPEG artifacts requiring clean up. If you want to "make it larger for future use" then you should recreate the art in AI.
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    Designer Dale

    You can also open it in Illustrator and make a new layer above it. Use the pen tool to trace it. You will have a clean vector and can toss the raster layer.

    Open may not be the right term. Use File/Place to move the raster into the Illustrator file.

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    Thanks for the help everyone!

    This one worked best! Thanks Doug!!
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    Glad I could help :) It's nice to be useful!

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    just incase u guys wanted to see it, here it is
    dont worry the white background is now transparent lol

    just my name
    thinking about getting my last name
    tatted across the top of my back in that type

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    I'm late to the party on this, but for really quick background removals in Photoshop, sometimes you can use the Blending Options (Layer Style > Blending Options > Blend if...)

    Normally these commands do a mediocre job of knocking out the background, but if you hold down the Command key (on mac) you can separate the tiny triangular slider into two pieces, giving your more control of the gradation of the blend.

    It doesn't work for every image, but it's useful in a pinch! :)
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    Designer Dale

    Interesting. I ran this on a B&W file I like and the background went Poof!
    Thanks. This is why I read this forum every day.


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