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    Sky Blue

    will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster then a shark?
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    Yes. His name is Phelps.
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    Nice, but you should show some full screen stuff.
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    Can you try quitting an app?
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    Apps quit like normal.
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    its a miracle, aqua is finally gone
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    Can you show scrolling using the sidebar?
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    Any reason you didn't use Quicktime to record the screen to avoid a watermark?

    Thanks for doing an actual screen capture and not video taping it like everyone else. HD would be nice though.
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    Aqua is just the name of the UI guidelines and resources Apple uses in OS X. It's not gone unless they rebranded the UI. That's all it is, a branding.

    I don't think I like the change to toolbar buttons Apple made. Where the button not depressed is the current selection, that's totally backward.
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    When OS X was first shown off and released it was a certain look. That's part of the confusion.

    It actually makes sense when you see it in person. The non selected buttons are grayed out and in the background and the selected one is bold and in the foreground. The beta of Reeder for OS X actually has this look already and it works. It's just different.


    I'm just glad that the scrollbar disappears like it does in iOS. During the keynote last year it wasn't apparent that they did.
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    So is the dock positioned in default to be behind all the active windows?
    I'm really loving 10.7, i just wonder what the price would be for the upgrade from Snow Leopard..
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    I get that, and I understand why Apple did it, but it doesn't really work as a metaphor for its real life counterpart of radio buttons that work the same way.

    A scrollbar free OS. That's pretty damn cool.
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    Think of it more as a sliding toggle switch. I think the real question is, combined with Lion's support for retina display graphics does this foretell of a touch based Mac? If that's the case then I'm freaking STOKED!

    What I'm not too found of is the grayness of the source list and buttons. iTunes was definitely a precursor. I suppose Apple wants those elements to be in the background and not distracting. At least that would be one logical reason.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    c'mon can't you give us more than that??? full screen apps with scrolling back and forth. using mission control with a bunch of apps open and widgets. versions... etc
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    yeah I saw the a bit of that at the end. you were just chatting with someone tho. haha
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    He pretty much showed it all off. Lots of little things no one is mentioning (ex. Spotlight previews).

    We can't thank you enough Jose.
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    Dying to see how Spaces is implemented in Lion.

    Can you setup 8 spaces and show how it works?


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