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Removing Vacalization

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by kildraik, Nov 18, 2006.

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    How do you do it, and/or is there a program that is able to do it?
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    --- please reword your question with more detail??

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    I'm assuming he means removing vocals. Unless you have access to the individual tracks that were mixed together for the final recording, it can only be done on some songs, and even then, the results aren't terribly good.

    Here is what Audacity has to say about it. You can give it a shot on your tracks and see how you like the results.
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    I wish I was able to do that too, but it just seems too hard...plus copyright(if it applies here...)

    I think he means Vocalization
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    I think kildraik wants to remove vocals from an audio track, but probably doesn't know that it's pretty hard if the audio file is flattened.

    There isn't a program out there that can just gets rid of vocals, its a combination of different filters and equalizers.
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    Yeah, that's about it. I have tried Audacity to remove certain frequencies and have gotten some results with removing the vocals, but it severely sacrificed sound quality.

    Since there isn't a program that can sufficiently do so, is there any possiblity of a way of obtaining original tracks, without raping my wallet?
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    Get the record labels to sign you up to remix their tracks.

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