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Renewing my MobileMe

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Aloush, May 5, 2010.

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    Hey there guys!

    So i started the MobileMe 60 day trial and it runs out on the 1st of June.
    I started this trial as i knew i would be getting a Mac before it was over and well i am getting a mac within the next few days.
    What i am wanting to know is how i can renew my service.
    it my local trade in shop [CEX] they have some thin square boxes fully sealed saying MobileMe on them, and they are only £35 compared to £60 if i let the trial run on and take money from my bank, would this box allow me to renew my service for half the price?

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    Are you talking about when you renew your service next year?

    I would imagine the boxes in the shops are only for new customers.
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    I've done something similar with the Family Pack, I saw the .mac (Old Mobile Me) at CEX for that cheap as well compared to paying £59 or whatever. In the renewal bit at me.com you just enter the code and it automatically detects it in the cool apple way.

    However if you do want it cheaper, for about £20 - then send me a PM, it's totally legit. Seriously. :apple:
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    Thanks for the reply guys will go pick one up soon.
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    I bought mine from eBay for about £40 all you need is the code, there's no need for the box etc. Just find a seller with decent feedback and you should be alright.
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    Yeah well this shop has them for £35 going to pick one up at the weekend and wait until my trial is over and renew it :)
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    i don't know whether to renew mine this year or not. i do use the email alot and the syncing but i hardly use the idisk. i'm looking for alternatives at the moment.

    i didnt think of looking on ebay and other places for a membership though. i will do that tomorrow.
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    you don't even need to wait til the trial is over afaik...

    just input the code, and it'll extend your membership

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