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Replace hard drive after 2.0 update?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by JonHimself, Feb 15, 2008.

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    I'm not looking to hack my AppleTV, just replace the hard drive with a bigger one. Should there be any problems with this with the 2.0 software? I assume its as easy as it was with the original software. And just to clarify, I need a 2.5" hard drive, right? Is there a maximum or can i put as big as there is available?
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    The way that 2.0 streams from the synced computer without having to set it up for streaming, all you really need to do is sync photos and leave the rest of your Apple TV drive for rentals, which even the 40 is most likely plenty for. The catch is that you have to leave iTunes running on your synced computer, and unless you have an elaborate notebook/external drive type situation, then I wouldn't really bother with trying to upgrade the drive.
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    Cave Man

    The max size is 250 gigs, 2.5" PATA.
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    Oddly enough that's exactly it. MacBook Pro and a USB drive. Also, I am really interested in having all of my movies and DVDs in one little box that I can hook up with two cables (hdmi and power) I live away from home but when I do come home it'd be conevenient to just bring the appletv home to have stuff to watch.
    Is your recommendation not to do it just because its a hassle? Or is there another reason?
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    How does one get the OS/Software back onto the HDD when you swap the HDD?
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    Cave Man

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    Definitely bookmarked the link you provided, it sounds fairly easy enough to pull off. As for the 250gigs, is that because that's the largest available or because it's the largest the appletv can take? Just looking on a couple of computer hardware sites it appears as if there is a 320 gig 2.5 drive as well.

    EDIT: I take it back, the 320 gig 2.5" was SATA, not PATA. I suppose my question still stands though.
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    Cave Man

    No, it's just the largest 2.5" PATA drive today is 250 gigs. You can put in an ATV whatever size Tiger will support. I have no idea what that is - my largest drive is 1 TB.

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