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Replacement app for Mac the Ripper

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by najicta, Jul 27, 2011.

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    So, I LOVED mac the ripper, but since we've updated to OS X Lion, Mac the Ripper has become obsolete :(
    Anyone have any ideas for a FREE replacement app? Much appreciated :)
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    RipIt works well, but it does cost money.

    I believe there is a trial version.

    And for encoding, of course, handbrake is the best.

    I've heard if you have VLC also installed, you can get handbrake to also rip DVDs, but I've never tired that.
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    Handbrake and MacTheRipper do not untimately achieve the same goal. Handbrake re-encodes the media causing a loss in quality. MacTheRipper does not re-encode the media so no quality is lost.

    I don't have any free options for you but MakeMKV is a great program worth every penny that also works on Blu-ray discs. I have used MakeMKV to rip over 1000 movies, a combination of SD and HD, and it has never let me down.
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    Depends on the quality you use, and they're not really identical applications anyway. HandBrake can transcode to other formats, MacTheRipper simply rips the DVD to your hard drive.
  6. brand, Jul 27, 2011
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    If the video is being re-encoded there is a loss in quality no matter what quality is selected in Handbrake.
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    Is it the PPC 2.6.6 version of Mac the Ripper that no longer works due to the demise of Rosetta or is it all versions?

    You could try macdvdripper pro, but it is a paid app;

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    AFAIK just the 2.6.6 Rosetta version.
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  10. GuerillaTech, Jul 27, 2011
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    I use MacDVDRipper Pro, but it's $20. It has yet to find a dvd it can't rip for me.
    a free alternative is Fairmount, but it's not nearly as convenient.
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    Taz Mangus

    Not sure what you mean by obsolete. A few hours ago I tried MTR 4.1.5 on my Lion install and not a single issue. What version are you using?
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    The problem is that he doesn't want to pay for it so he is using the 2.6.6 version.
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    I use handbrake to rip my DVDs. It doesn't rip the full DVD content, but it's very useful for converting DVDs to mp4, m4v, and other formats so that way they're compatible with iTunes, quicktime, iPod, iPad, etc...
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    I use MacX DVD Ripper Pro, both rips the dvd and converts to other formats...
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    I have MacTheRipper 3.0 build 14.
    It shows up as "Intel" app in my about this Mac system info.
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    Taz Mangus

    MTR 4.1.5 is so much better than MTR 2.6.6. If you rip a lot of DVDs like I do it is definitely worth it to pay for the upgrade.
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    Is the loss in quality using Handbrake really anything substantial? If you're ripping a DVD to a computer format I trust it's not going to be watched on a 50 inch HD TV in 1080p. You're ripping it to watch on the computer. Or to watch on your iPod or something. These devices aren't of quite the same calibre as a plasma TV so you'd be losing quality anyway...
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    Handbrake has fully customizable settings for what quality you want out of your rip. If you have a media device that you can watch mp4 files on, such as an xbox 360, you can watch them on your plasma tv
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    I use MacTheRipper 3.0r14i with Lion. Works a treat. I ran into the same problem.
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    Looking for a link

    I have tried to find a link that will let me download MTR 4.1.5 but the links I find all go back to version 2. One link even went back to this thread!!

    Does anyone have a good link? Is this version only available in a box? I don't mind paying as I had version 2 and know that it worked fine (before Lion.)
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    Mac DVD Ripper Pro is simply the best dvd ripper on OS X.
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    Since MTR4 in not free you'll have to buy it like the rest of us. The process involves giving a donation through PayPal. The best way to find out about it is to look at the MTR4 forums, there it is documented how to get MTR4.
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    Still looking for a civil answer

    1) Look at my post again and you will see that I clearly indicated a willingness to pay. Your use of "buy it like the rest of us" was clearly inappropriate.

    2) I did request a link to access such a paid version. Your reply of "look at the MTR4 forums" may be all you have but it does not answer my request which I think was both valid an courteous.

    People in this thread need to calm down. :eek:
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    Mac DVD Ripper Pro

    Used to use Handbrake and now it won't work with Lion. :(

    I was afraid to try anything due to virus worries etc. Luckily I ran across this thread.

    I just tried MacDVD Ripper Pro and it was awesome. It ripped a protected file and that's what I need. I want to watch my DVD TV series and movies on my Apple TV and this is awesome!

    I'm so thankful. I'll willingly pay the few dollars for this software!

    Thanks for the recommendation.
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    I recently bought and installed Mac The Ripper Pro. So far I haven't found any DVD it won't rip. Well worth the money and I just received an update which leads me to believe they keep the program current. Beats messing around with all those "free" to try programs which either don't work or only partially work until you buy the complete program. Being a cheap skate I played with all the free programs/apps only to be disappointed. Mac The Ripper Pro was worth 24 dollars. I'm sure glad my Iphone5 has a lot of memory as I'm filling it with movies and other downloads.

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