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Replacement for Finder?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by RadDave, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. RadDave, Apr 18, 2013
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    Hello All - I'm transitioning from PCs to Apple in my early retirement- have a MBP & an iMac on order - learning Mtn Lion and have been frustrated w/ Finder (no multiple panels & sub-folder listings to transfer files) - IS there a good substitute? In searching the web, I've found a number of options listed below - I'd appreciate comments & suggestions on which of these programs may be the best - would prefer 'free' or a less expensive option, but willing to pay - thanks! :)

    Finder Substitutes:

    DiskOrder - $20
    ForkLift 2 - $20
    muCommander - free
    PathFinder - $40
    TotalFinder - $18
    XFile - $60
    Xfolders - free
    XtraFinder - free
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    I use xtrafinder and it works for the most part. It's not effective in the tree mode. I had the same problem as I came from a windows background.
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    Love TotalFinder. Can't work without it.
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    If you didn't know already, you can drag folders to the dock. You'll be able to access the file system in a similar manner to the Windows start menu, with some aspect customization (big icons, fan-like or menu look). They're the so-called "stacks" and I use them to go to often-accessed locations.

    Also, when in document applications right-click the small icon from the title bar; it will let you access the location in Finder quickly. You can even rename or move files while they're open, no conflicts.
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    Forget about the windows doctrine, your using Apple now, learn it.:p

    But, if you need one I would get XtraFinder.
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    You can open multiple finder windows. You can get subfolder listings -- just get out of the (default) icon view -- explore the list and column views. Folders will also spring open if you drag on top of them and pause a second.
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    Thanks for the additional comments! :)

    Actually, I have opened 2 Finder windows, re-sized to fit the screen, and did some dragging and dropping - should be a fine solution for a small batch of files, and may be all that I will need?

    But, if all were completely pleased w/ Finder's only solutions, then there would be little need for all of the free & paid programs being offered? I'm sure that my list is far from complete - will continue to explore the options. :D
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    I'm gonna go ahead and recommend you get XtraFinder.

    Here's why:

    1) It's free, so there's no real harm in trying it
    2) It adds a way to create basic new documents like .txt without opening a program first which is something I know I felt was 'missing' after using Windows
    3) It makes several things easier like moving documents with cut & paste
    4) It has the ability to do side by side panels like you wanted
    5) It integrates with the existing finder and it's small so it's not some huge new experience to get used it just makes the existing finder easier to use and more feature complete

    I personally would never want to go back to using just the standard Finder as I feel like it is pretty lacking in some aspects.
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    The only one listed that I have used is PathFinder a great little program I have used for years. It has dual pane file browser mode in which you can have multiple tabs open for directories. You can also add things like a move/copy to button to its toolbar allowing you to quickly do those operation on a file/group of files. Another program you may want to check out is Default FolderX it adds to the file Open/Save of OSX allowing you to set favorite directories to save to or open from if they are used a lot.
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    The OP is using OS X now, but that still does not change the fact that Finder sucks.
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    I like PathFinder and its part of MacHeist which should get beyond the threshold in a week and you that means you have it for 10 dollars and not 40
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    I just bought a bundle, hopefully they will get to 30,000 bundles sold to unlock PathFinder.
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    Don't forget that standard finder do have cut-paste function. Just do cmd-C to copy and option-right-click to select "move".
    I came from totalfinder just for cut-paste features and back to the standard after knowing this.
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    Easier to CMD + X than Option-Right Click and selecting 'Move' ;)
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    That doesn't work for me?
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    I know, read before you make such a comment.:p
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    Another vote for Path Finder.
    CAn't live without it.

    The only drawback is the inability to copy dropbox public file's URL (something to do with Dropbox devs, says PathFinder support) and having to use finder as well to "Right Click->Open" for downloaded apps not via the AppStore (since I have ML's gatekeeper on).
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    Used Pathfinder for a while, but now use Totalfinder.

    Integrates with Finder, and enables dual pane (at your choice).
    Enables Folders on top - hurrah.

    The 'Visor' is great - mine is setup so double tapping the option key brings up the finder window (at whatever size you last left it). It then disappears once you click anywhere else outside finder (or can be toggled to stay 'on top' in view).

    Very very good.

    Think there's a free trial period, so i recommend giving it a go and getting used to the Mac Finder column view.
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    They've reached 20k fairly quickly, and they've always hit the thresholds to unlock other apps in the past so I'm not terribly worried.
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    It's not CMD-X (which is "Cut" and not available in Finder).

    You do a CMD-C ("Copy") of the source and then in the destination folder do a Option-CMD-V ("Move Item Here").
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    Both with TotalFinder and XtraFinder CMD + X works. I use it all the time (no configurations needed regarding that).
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    If it makes things easier for you, by all means, use an alternative. It's good to have options for different people, I'm sure I like some things others don't, and vice versa. But still, I really don't understand why a lot of people hate the Finder so much. It seems fine to me.
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    I don't know, for me maybe it was the fact I came from a Windows background before going cold turkey on OS X and then I just missed some of the familiarity in explorer (yes, you can say, which familiarity????). I don't know, hard to explain.
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    BOY, I came on this evening and SO many posts - I guess that indicates Finder is not an ideal option for many - :D

    Thanks for all of the responses - last night, I DL a 'free trial' of Total Finder which behaves like a 'plug-in' to Finder, but seems to provide a number of excellent options, including a 'dual pane' selection allowing easy transfer of multiple files between folders - not sure that I'll need much more - but will play more w/ the 14-day 'free' use before deciding on an $18 purchase. Dave :)
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    To OP:

    I used Windows from 3.11 up to Vista. Changed to Mac. Took me a week to get finder figured out. It's just not that hard. All sorts of how-to vids up at You Tube. Tis' your 'puter & your $$$ but getting used to finder is not a difficult task, IMO. YMMV.

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