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Replacement for GarageBand?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Patmian212, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    I recently swtiched from the PC world. On my PC I was using Hip Hop Ejay 5 for my music needs. On the ibook in my signature I have GarageBand with all of the jampacks. I love GarageBand, I make a lot of trance/synth music on it and it is very user friendly. My problem is I am mostly into hip hop. Here is on of my songs http://www.dani-zone.com/Download/DJ/FeddX - The return of....mp3.
    Although GarageBand rocks it is no good for hip hop, I wanted to know if there is a program like GarageBand or Hip Hop Ejay with a drag and drop loop interface for mac which can perform decently on the ibook in my signature. Thanks for your help.
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    WHY isn't it good for hip-hop? Just asking. Do you run your table into your Mac? Garageband should be great for that.
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    Why not get some hip hop loops for Garageband? I just found these with a quick Google search. I'm sure they're more out there.
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    Nah my tables arent usually conected to a computer but htey have been on occasion, the problem with garage band is the lack of loops. Thanks for the link wordmunger!!!
    Just for the heck of exploring, any other essy to use music apps out there for mac that are good for hip hop?
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    I've moved this to the new Digital audio forum, should help a bit.

    You can put any loop into Garageband, it will work fine, GB 2 has the loop utility so you can set the tags that allow the dynamic pitching and timing to work.

    I'd think Logic would be your best bet, a hell of a lot of the Hip-hop boys over here use it, Cubase/Nuendo is another option, as is Abelton Live.

    Happy hunting.
  6. mms
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    Except for the fact that Logic will cost you a thousand bucks. If you can find good loops, I don't see how GarageBand won't work. It's a great program and of course, you can always make loops if you absolutely need to, rather than relying solely on the built-in music.
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    I also second the vote for Logic or Cubase/Nuendo.
    Both basically do the same things, it is mainly just a matter of preference.

    If you are interested in creating your own loops, check out ReCycle by propellerhead. It works pretty well IMHO.

    <Edit, in response to the post above mine>

    You can get Logic Express for $300 for standard edition, if you are an education user, you can get it for $150. Cubase SE is ~$100 most places. Recycle is around $200. All the software should work on your computer no problems, and i beleive recyle has a demo avaiable. Their website is here:


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    Cubase SE doesnt work with Tiger yet, so I would wait for updates.

    :EDIT: Well it does work if you upgrade from having it installed on Panther, it just wont install under Tiger. Steinberg say problems with the installer, I say "BOOOOOO!"
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    As someone else mentioned - ReCycle is the bomb!

    Also check out Reason - it syncs with GarageBand too - pretty formidable combination - and a lot of fun ;) Mosey over to Propellerhead's site to see if you can find a demo.

    Good luck
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    Is that you singing? lol That's really good.
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    the begining check it out is a loop, the rap is me ith a little voice adjustment to make my voice deeper.
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    Everyone seems to be suggesting standard multi-track sequencer apps but if you want to drag and drop on the fly i'd recommend Ableton Live. It can also be configured for dj set up if that's of any use to you.
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    " the problem with garage band is the lack of loops"

    Lack of loops? didn't you say you had all the jam packs? That's like, over 10,000 loops..... :eek: Remix tools should have some decent hip hop loops. Also, try Abelton Live, they have some easy drag and drop loop stuff, and they probably have some cool hip hop loops.

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