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Replacement iPod...new or refurb?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by iSaint, Aug 2, 2005.

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    I bumped my own thread but received no responses. The short of it, I received a replacement iPod after my 4G screen quit. Great service, sent old one and received new one in one week.

    I have two questions:

    1) It looks new (they even inscribed it for me). How do I tell for sure if it's a refurb?

    2) Does the 90 day/1 year warranty start over? I did have to register the iPod.

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    I have had 2 replacement iPods and according to the apple store genius he said that the replacement could be new or it could be refurb. Apparently apple uses both as replacements.

    The warrenty for your replacement is 90 days or the date that your original iPods warrenty runs out, which ever is later.
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    FWIW they inscribed it as my previous iPod was.

    Thanks for the reply...I still may go with AppleCare while I have the chance, for the iPod and my iBook.
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    I guess it still could have been refurbed an they just put it under the laser, but it might have just been easier to put in a new order so I guess you have a better chance of having a new one.

    Definatly go with AppleCare on both your iPod and iBook. I'm on my 3rd iPod and its out of warrenty and its acting up. My friend has a 15" Ti PowerBook with a logic board that died, it was out of the 1 year warrenty but she had applecare so she had to pay nothing to get it fixed. The repair would have cost her something like $700 if it had not been AppleCare Protected.
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    Yes! You can wait until 364 days to purchase Applecare, but certainly do... Most repairs are at LEAST $300... A great feeling to have a $800 bill and then see "Amount Due: $0.00"... :D
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    call apple theyll tell u

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