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Replacement tip for bamboo stylus?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Graks, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Is the tip of the wacom bamboo ipad stylus replaceable? Mine didnt come with a spare tip, where do i find a spare tip? Keep those styluses away from kids... ;)
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    I would start with Wacom perhaps?

    or you could try their direct order site, I did not see any tips when I ordered, or I might have ordered a spare, actually never thought about it till now, did it break easily?

    it may be a part you'll have to order. They may have a phone # there so may want to call them. Let us know what you find.
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    I'd like to know also. I just ordered one this afternoon, and this seems like great info to have for later.
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    really love this thing, a whole new sensation writing with it, right....Just saw there is another thicker tip under the thin one!

    They should have included a case or something though.
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    It broke becouse a child found it too delicous to chew on...
    Have emailed wacom last week, but not got any respons from them.
    Seems i have to buy another stylus, will try to find one with replaceable tip if that excists...
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    OMG! I hope they are alright!

    I have an email for a rep at Wacom, let me shoot him an email and I'll get back to you.
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    THis is what he said:

    "Unfortunately we do not have the replacement Bamboo Stylus tips in yet. We are expecting to get those Bamboo Stylus nibs in but we do not have an estimated time of arrival so it may take a couple of weeks? Maybe a month? Your associate might need to purchase a whole new pen in the meanwhile."

    if you want his email shoot me a PM.

    thanks hope this helps.
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    The kid is fine :) seems like there is no point to wait for them to deliver the replacement parts... Thanks for the clarification 3goldens.
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    Have to ask, as i have a bamboo stylus too, did the tip have a small split in it? as child used at weekend and i noticed it seemed deflated, then i saw the tiny split earlier today. you could only see it if you rolled the tip between thumb and finger.

    I used a paperclip to apply a dot of superglue behind the split inside, then put a tiny piece of chewed up tissue paper in and popped it back on. now it seems better than before, its less spongy and just as perfectly responsive as before!

    I wouldn't mind an army of spare nibs though...
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    Thank goodness!

    I love the Bamboo Stylus but have worn out the tip that came with the original pen. I'm thrilled we have the replacement tips now. Thanks big time Tenpenny.
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    Great find, thanks for sharing! My Graphire tablet/stylus was delivered with extra tips, so it is a little odd that they don't ship extra ones with the Bamboo stylus for iPad.
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    Out of stock

    I am also trying purchase these tips but the link is now saying out of stock. Is there any chance that the person earlier can contact her friend at Wacom to find out if and when they will be in stock again. Thank you..
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    Out of Stock

    I tried to order the nibs today (Nov 25 2011) and the link on the thread doesn't even load. Seems like Wacom took the page down. I sent an email to their customer service to clarify what is going on and will update when I get a response.

    In the meantime does anyone know if anyone besides Wacom sells the replacement nibs?
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    Bamboo Stylus for Ipad

    I am on my second pen, and the nib just gave out, i get about a months use out of each pen. I love how it writes but in my opinion there's a defect here.
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    I have been using my bamboo for about 2 months now and no problems, I just ordered some replacement nibs to have them for when I need them.
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    I've tried the URL's in the thread and also checked in various other places. They are out of stock and I can't find a replacement anywhere. Love the stylus but not worth paying $30 if you can't get a replacement.

    Any other ideas to find replacement tips?
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    Keep trying the link given above. In the fall they were out of stock as well. When they got more, I ordered a couple packs. Should be set for quite a while now. Thanks for sharing that link!
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    FYI.....the nibs are backin stock! Get them while you can!
  21. rdj
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    Awesome! Ordered! Thank you!!

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    Thanks for the TIP (and pardon the pun)! I just ordered the maximum of 5 packs, since I've been waiting quite a while for these!
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    Wow, they're already out of stock again!! They only produce enough nibs to sell for about one week every six months or so.
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    Replacement tip for Bamboo stylus

    I have been trying to order three new nibs for my Bamoboo stylus also, for about six months. Whenever I go to the Wacom Website they are always out-of-stock! I tried ordering last night and their Website was down for maintenance and then this morning they were out-of-stock again!!! I purchased the Bamboo stylus because of the smaller diameter tip for illustrating using iDraw on my iPad2 and it has worked great until the nib split. Can't Wacom make a more durable nib? Like maybe one that is solid rubber or at least bit thicker???!!! I have a spare stylus to use, a Targus one, but the tip is larger than the one on the Bamboo stylus. And maybe when they receive the new stock, they can limit it to only one pack per customer so some of us can finally get a replacement pack. If I have to wait another six months, I will throw the darn thing into the garbage and find something else!!! For those people ordering FIVE packs of replacement nibs at a time, why not order ONE and let some of the rest of us get our replacements???!!!
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