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Replacing 2010 Air 13" with 2011 Air 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by zulumonk, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I currently own a base model 13" Air with 4 GB of RAM. I'm contemplating getting the new 2011 base Air, but need a little bit of advise. Would I notice that mich of a difference in performance if I were to get the new Air? Also, in order for me to purchase the new Air I would have to sell my current one. What is a good price to sell mine for?

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    What sort of tasks do you do? If you do anything that relies on the CPU, such as editing photos, or ripping CDs/DVDs in iTunes or Handbrake, you'll notice a big difference. If it's primarily surfing the web or checking e-mail, you'll notice the machine's maybe a little bit snappier in general , but probably not by much.

    As for selling your old one, look to what Apple is selling refurbished units for:


    They are selling your model for $1099, so I'd start a bit lower than that and work from there.
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    Thanks. I was in the process of posting it on eBay. I'm hoping that it will sell for at least $950.
  4. vty
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    I personally would wait until the next MBA refresh which I assume will be Ivy Bridge.

    Unless you plan on buying a new MBA every year.

    Ivy Bridge is Q1 2012 according to Intel, then add Apple time (7mo-1 1/2yr) for it to trickle into the MBA.
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    Are you leaning towards i5 or i7?
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    Why wait? Must be one of those that likes to chase technology? Good luck trying to catch it.
  7. Lord Appleseed, Jul 22, 2011
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    Lord Appleseed

    I am thinking about doing the very same as OP

    I currently own a Core 2 Duo 13" MBA with 4GB ram, and i want the i5 13" MBA.
    I am offering my MBA on various sites that i used before to sell my 2009 MBA and 2009 iMac, however no serious buyer has contacted me in the last two days. So I am sacred of buying the new Air right away, because i would be stuck with my 2010 model if no one buys it.

    What do you guys say? Buy, or wait until the other is sold?
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    Are you pricing it favorably? I'd imagine a 2010 model with identical specs (as far as RAM and SDD go) would sell for at least $350 less than the 2011 models.
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    Lord Appleseed

    I am pricing it a lot lower than the other offers. 900€ to be exact. Thats the value Mac2sell told me.
    I am even offering it with Lion and an external Superdrive.
    The 2011 13" i5 is 1250€ here btw.
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    Lord Appleseed

    Thank you for trying to help but I am from Europe. Austria to be exact. We don't have Best Buy here.
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    Ahh, I understand... Maybe, try to sell on a Photography Forum. You will need to register and look at the Marketplace section. There are alot of folks overseas.

    Photography on the Net Forum
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    Lord Appleseed

    Thanks, i'll look into it.

    I really hope i can sell it, because i want the new MBA. I' rather spend the money to get a better MBA than extend the old one's Apple care.
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    True. This update is a big deal because the processor jumps three mini-generations. Buyers who take the plunge now should be set for several years, just as someone who bought the first Core 2 Duo MacBooks in early 2007 was relatively "set" until recently. Next year's buyers will get something slightly faster, but not as groundbreaking (like someone who bought the early 2008 MacBook).
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    A friend of mine just went from a 2010 ultimate 11 inch air to a 2011 4gig i5 11inch air. He runs windows in parallel, a bunch of chrome browsers, email, google docs, large spreadsheets and he also uses an external monitor. He just left the office and said the difference is NIGHT AND DAY.

    all things being equal between the old and new one except the processor and the new one blew the old one away.

    Like wise I have a 2010 11inch air, base model with 2gig of ram. It cant run lion with the same programs he uses on my 27 display worth a crap. everything works ok but it is VERY jittery and "not smooth". looks terrible. also I dont run windows like he is doing. Ill be upgrading very soon to the same 2011 11 inch he has.

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