Replacing Powerbook g4 12" hard drive. Largest Capacity?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Macman756, Nov 21, 2008.

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    I have a 12" Powerbook g4 1.5Ghz and it has the stock 80GB HD. I really want a bigger one, what is the largest I can put in it? Also, which drive do you recommend? I was hoping a 250GB? I don't want to do it if I can only do like a 120GB. Has anyone done like a 320GB? Thanks
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    Geez, what kind of connection does it use? It may be too old to use SATA. Is it ATA?
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    You will need a 2.5" ATA hard drive that's 9.5MM tall, the biggest size is 250GB, here's the only one I found from OWC that matches
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    Be sure to keep note of where each screw goes when disassembling!!
    There are heaps!!
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    Ya, this is the only ATA-6 newegg has. The WD Scorpio. Well, newegg is $75 so not too bad. Is this a really tough job? Thanks
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    Not too bad, just keep track of all the screws.
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    As I have just bought me a 12" PB too, this question does also interest me. There are some adapters from ata to s-ata, would it be possible to get one in there to install a 7200 sata drive? or is the space in there too tight?
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    I would love an ATA-Sata converter. Goodbye 80GB Hello 1TB!!!!!!
    That would probably get really hot
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    I swapped the drive in my PB G4 15" a few years back and the only tricky part was getting the top back on properly. If I remember correctly it had a what looked like a shielding flange around the edge, which had to be carefully aligned or it wouldn't fit.

    If you're reasonably handy the PB G4 should be a breeze though. Just give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel a need to rush.
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    I did this replacement on a 1.33 12" a few months ago. Not difficult at all, just be very meticulous (as others have said). I had the ifixit manual open on another computer in front of me. Each step's screws came out and got taped to a post-it note labeled with the step number and then put in chronological order on the desk next to me. Just reversed the post-its putting it back together and it was a breeze. Took about an hour start to finish.
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    start up?

    Does anything need to be done to the drive before replacing? Format/copy old content etc. how does that work. Is it able to start up with the new drive?
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    boot from your install dvd and format the drive using disk utility before installing OS X.
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    Thank you very much.

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