Request about some gaming test!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ddong, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I'm interested by the last release but i'd like to know more about the graphic capabilities. If someone want to help, i'll post name of games.

    My request consist in 4 tests: first Bootcamp, second PCSX2, third mac games, last (bonus) some games from parallels!

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    dolphin emulator also! thanks
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    No volunteers? Come on!
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    Seriously :)
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    Thanks, already saw that, but those games are not the one i'll be playing. Also it's just one out of the four test i mentionned. So did you decide to take it? Ordered? I'm suprised that no volunteers answered here.
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    you do know you can get one and have 14days to decide if it is good enough for your very specific needs.....?
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    Stop bumping. Nobody is going to run out and install a boatload of stuff they don't use. You will have to sift through other benchmark threads and keep track.

    Also, allow people more than a few hours to answer.. jeez.
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    14 days for return AT YOUR EXPENSE, isn't it?
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    I'm also curious about dolphin 3.0 Mac version.

    I'm thinking of getting a new MBA 11" and pass my current MBA to my mum.

    I tried dolphin 3.0 Mac on my brother's MBA 13 2010 1.83Ghz and it ran very well.

    Wonder if the core i5 at 1.6Ghz and intel HD 3000 can do the job. I won't mind upgrading to 1.7Ghz i7 too :)

    So if anyone can help will be great :)
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    Not sure if anybody reads a 3 week old forum, but I'm looking here for info about that myself.

    I have Dolphin running on my 2010 Mac Mini with 320m graphics, and Wind Waker runs sweet! I'm about to try it on my 2009 MBA 13in model, with 9400 graphics, to see how it runs. I have to upgrade it to 10.6, however, as Dolphin 3.0 won't run on my 10.5.8 system, for some reason.

    From what I have seen with other posts, the i5 with integrated graphics are doing ok, but not great.

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