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Reset PRAM + Start Up Sound Loud + Implications

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 8theapple, Jul 9, 2009.

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    I recently purchased a 13" 2.26 stock macbook. It's perfect, screen is good (no scrolling issues or purple blues) with no dead pixels, no slanted keys, and no scratches.

    I updated the firmware that addresses the SATA 1.5 issue. After the update, I reset PRAM. I held down the buttons till I heard the second or third startup bong.

    Here is where it gets funny.

    Now, when I reboot or start up my computer, the start up noise is loud. Even with headphones plugged in and also the volume turned to its lowest setting (even with volume turned off). Eventually, to control the startup noise, I had to install the startupsound program in my system prefs as mentioned on other threads and that has seemed to control the startup sound.

    I was wondering, if by resetting the PRAM if I have harmed my computer in any way. Should I be worried about deeper issues with my computer since the startup sound was not previously being affected by reducing the volume to zero with headphones plugged in?

    Grounds for an exchange? JK
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    Why did you reset the PRAM in the first place? Was there some sort of problem you were having with the update?
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    I reset pram as some users here reported issues after firmware upgrade. I just did it just to be sure. More preventive more than anything.

    Resetting PRAM shouldn't be harmful to the computer, should it?
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    No, resetting the PRAM is not harmful

    What is stored in PRAM

    Woof, Woof - Dawg [​IMG]
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    Maybe it isn't harmful but I just don't see the need in resetting it if there is nothing wrong.
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    Sorry, it slipped my mind previously but I reset PRAM as I had single case of sleep/wake issue where the computer was unresponsive. I researched online and a PRAM reset solves the issue.
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    give this a try, mute the sound on your computer then restart it. it should not make a sound and if it does try resetting the PRAM again to see if that fixes the problem.
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    the start up sound on mine gets louder after I reset the pram, although after booting between my mac and windows partitions a few times it seems to lessen in intensity...just the norm to me. no hardware/software problems to speak of tho.
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    Thanks, that suggestion worked (after i uninstalled the startup sound app). Thanks again.
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    it is true that the start up sound will get louder after you reset the pram.
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    Another option: Use the free StartupSound.prefPane available at arcana@xvf.biglobe.ne.jp, which gives you the option to mute the startup sound completely. I have no relationship with this software, just a satisfied user.:cool:

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