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Resident Evil 4 Wii

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Dagless, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I've put down my first proper preorder on this game. I never got around to playing the Cube version so it's all new to me! I'm a bit excited as I hear it's rather a brilliant game.

    For us brits - It's only £22.99 from Shopto.com!

    Was anyone else living in a cave and just didn't get the first version?
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    And you call yourself a gamer...Pfft!

    ( ;) )

    Although I didn't finish it (made it to the second disc) it was a very good game.
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    Disgraceful aint it! I love Resident Evil games too. I did kick myself a little just before the Wii version was announced :eek:
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    another cube game with a wiimote control scheme, who'da thunk it?

    But Res 4 was a pretty good game. Kind of a bastardization of the previous ones though. My big problem with it was that it wasn't quite an action game but wasn't quite a Resident Evil. It was kinda stuck in the middle since the controls and combat was a little clunky to be a good action game but there was too much killing and ammo and no puzzles to make it classic Res game. Plus the voice acting was just.....*shudder*

    Aiming with the Wii will no doubt be easier than aiming with the stick c-stick on the cube. and hopefully some extra goodies find their way onto it.
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    I'm playing it on my PC.

    Pretty fun game.
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    One of my favourite cube games. I played it all the way through to the finish, then spent ages unlocking the extra characters for the kill-as-many-zombies/villagers-as-you-can-without-dying-during-the-timelimit mini-game at the end.

    I don't think I'd pay to play it again though, unlike, for instance the much-improved Gamecube remake of Metal Gear Solid.
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    There are way too many copies of the Cube version around town here for less than 10 bucks US (5 quid right?). If it's the same game without waggle that's good enough for me. For me the waggle is cool, but even in games that it works really well in doesn't work all the time and frustrates me from time to time. Plus GameStop has a buy two get one free on their used stuff. Could get Zero, Four and another game for way less than the Wii version. I'm really starting to get peeved with this repackaging stuff...they have Cubes for as low as 35 bucks here and all I seem to be playing on my Wii (even the awesome but frustrating Zelda) is Cube stuff...wonder why I paid so much extra :)

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    Voice acting? Uh oh. Flashbacks of PS1's Resident Evil :eek:

    Pcypert - I wish we had it that good here :( Froogle brings bad luck for us Brits. 2nd hand it's in the £19.99 section of Gamestation. £3 more for the Wii doesn't sound so bad here. Damn UK prices. Chances are I wouldn't get the Wii version if I had the Cube one.
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    Sky Blue

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    So have they added proper widescreen (anamorphic) support in the wii version this time. The cube wasn't anamorphic, and yet the PS2 version was. :rolleyes:

    Getting really tired of all these cube/ps2 ports though (regardless if the source material was good or bad). At least that wiki game looks good from capcom, and somthing at least 'original' on the wii.

    As for Umberella chronicles :rolleyes: house of the dead 4 more like. Give me a break......
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    Boo for Umberella Chronicles. Unless we get a proper lightgun case, in which case I could do with a good rail shooter :D unless theres Point Blank Wii game in the making?
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    The Wii version will be anamorphic and will have all the bonus features of the PS2 version. If you've already played the game, I guess there's no use in getting a copy, but if you're like me and Jimmi, 30 bucks is a pretty good deal.
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    Get your Wii modded so you can play US games and I'll buy up a mountain of quality stuff for you for real cheap...or sell your UK wii and get a US one. Still don't understand why SSB's for the Cube is 23 or so used and you can get a new one for less than 30...only stupid one left. Otherwise most games are so dang cheap. I picked up Fifa 2005 (i know 2005) for 3.99 and got a 10% discount with my card :D I thought what's the point?

    Original XBox games are even better. There's one store with every game and nothing is over 7.99...that's some quality gaming for the patient gamer who stays a cycle behind the times...

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    Finally, I can play this game. It was worth the wait and if not for the Wii, I would invest in the PC version.

    I read in my Nintendo Power that even though they use the Wiimote to aim, it doesn't move the camera like a normal FPS game. Not sure why they took this approach, but never the less, at least I won't have to suffer the slow-frustration of aiming with a stick.

    When I get it, I'll put it on the shelf like the rest of my games right now, sicne I'm busy with the game of life. :eek:

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    I was thinking yesterday how much I want them to bring out a lightgun case for the Wiimote. I'm sure I saw a prototype on a games site a few months back. They could build in things like a better/bigger speaker, a screen etc. Presumably it'd be easy enough to tap into the Wiimote functionality using that port on the bottom that you use for your nunchuck or CC.

    edit here it is: http://wii.ign.com/articles/707/707077p1.html
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    :eek: How?! I tried it, but the lack of proper controls was just horrendous
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    Just traded in my Zelda at Gamestop after beating it. Don't want to play that again any time soon...they didn't have any trade ins worth anything, but then I was looking at the release list and saw that Resident Evil was releasing at 29.99. So I took the money from Zelda and WiiPlay trade in and prebought Resident Evil...a first for me.

    They listed it as having OLC or Online Content. What exactly does that mean? It was cool too because they gave me the printout list for easy reference on games. Long wait till my bday (a few months only) but there's a nice bday gift for me: Fifa 2008!

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    I'll ask my friend if his store uses the term OLC. Maybe they're pulling a XBL thing, where as you can download new maps. I would take advantage of this only if it were free, or I was really bored with having extra money for coffee.

    Some of my favorite games were unplayable more than once a year or 2. Tis why I have yet to beat Zelda. I'm still savoring it, even though I haven't played it for well over a month now. :eek:

    Anyway, only a few more days and I'll finally start playing RE4. :)

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    ooo it's out here on Friday! +next day delivery too :D I'm actually rather excited now. It feels like I'm going to get another big adventure romp akin to Zelda. Something to absorb ungodly hours into.
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    My right arm has a cast on it but I plan on at least renting it when my arm gets freed (very late summer :mad:). It looks quite fun and the price is great but i have never been a Resident Evil fan but i am willing to try again :)

    I thought about preordering and holding onto it because I was trading stuff in and preordering a game gets you an extra 10% credit but I wasn't sure i'd like so i went with Dewey's Adventure, that game looks sweet ;)
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    I got me copy today!!! :)

    I traded Mario Party 5 for 18.70, Geist, and a DVD. Resdident Wiivel only only cost me $2.60 in cash, so I'm quite happy.

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    This is one of the best games ever made. Ever. The controls and graphics are perfect. I've played it for about 5 hours constantly today, and 4 hours constantly yesterday. I was really into it. I really like the way the knife works with the remote. This is a must have for Wii owners.
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    I really enjoyed the demo on my cube. The Wii version is way way way better! I was able to aim and shoot my targets in the head quickly and precisely, without struggling. This ROCKS!!! :D This was sooooo worth the wait!

    This game needed a Wiimote. Even reloading is better now. :)

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    Well I'm not sure I'll buy it again, but better aiming would be nice. Aiming especially the important brain shots was a pain on the cube.
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    i wonder if my brother already got it.. he said he is going to buy it ..i can't wait to try the wii version
    personally i only rented the cube version from a friend for trying it out... (just like i did with killer 7, wind waker and metroid prime ... games i always wanted to buy but missed out because of money and then weren't really available for cheap)

    i wonder why there are exactly zero used game stores around here... unless you strike lucky in a bargain bin or get _heavily_ used copies from a rental store you are out of luck
    no trading in either...

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