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Restore AppleTV to its original state with nothing

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by taylorwilsdon, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Long story short, I formatted my AppleTV harddrive assuming the OS image I downloaded from the internet would just restore right onto it and things would be back to OEM. However, thats not the case and I'm hoping somebody can lead me back to the AppleTV as just an AppleTV (I'd been running OSX on it for a while)

    Links to downloads, instructions on a restore that brings it back to the correct file system and other tips would be much appreciated. I have a PC and a Mac to work with so instructions with either are fine.

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    I don't want to run back to hackintosh with my tail between my legs.
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    Help again :(
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    1) Unplug the :apple:TV from the back

    2) Wait 45 minutes

    3) Hit yourself on the forehead three times as you shout "Stupid...Stupid...Stupid"

    4) Plug the device back in. If the :apple:TV is not restored, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 again up to three times.

    5) If step 4 fails, you're f@cked up the @rse.
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    Beg someone to give you a valid image.

    Or buy another, image it and then try and return it. You'll probably have to cough up 20% restocking fee. Or perhaps give it away as a gift?

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    Gotta ask the dumb question, is the dmg corrupt? If not and it's putting files in the right place, your probable issue is that you've not blessed the drive after the restore. :D
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    Given that some thought but its dishonest. I'd have to pay 10% (about $30) which is worth it, but I don't want to physically crack it open and return it warranty less.

    Would anybody here take a full image of their appletv and send it to me somehow? I could set up a FTP server that they could upload it to. I'd really appreciate it!
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    i have a apple tv that has not been hacked in anyway (and i dont ever planb on it). if i can make an image without hacking anything ill send it to you...youll just have to tell me what to do. hope this helps.
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    I appreciate it I'll try to find a method for unhacked atvs.
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    Still looking :eek:
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    Cave Man

    I seriously doubt that'll work. That probably only has the OSBoot partition, and not the bootloader. You didn't image your ATV drive? That's a bummer.
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    I did and then the drive it was saved on corrupted.
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    Cave Man

    Do you have iPartition?
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    I don't, but I wouldn't mind buying it. What would I need it for?
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    I have te same problem, no complete backup and a really screwed up appletv.

    So is there any one who has SSH en FTP installed on his/her Appletv and can make a dd image of the complete harddrive... or the efi, recovery en OSBoot partition.

    I will provide a FTP server or whatever is needed to get that image.
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    smen, if you pm me your address then I can send you a CD with the full image to restore your appletv.

    Or, if you prefer, I could probably upload it to the FTP server as well.
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    Hey I could use tis can you contact me?

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    Terribly sorry to bump an old post, but I am also in need of a vanilla appletv image. My atv has a corrupted something or other and i need to restore the original stuff to the HDD. Thanks for any help!
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    Cave Man

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    I am afraid none of the dmg to download from apple are available. Any other places to get it???

    If someone could please be so kind to share a copy. I am also here with a nice box doing nothing....

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