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Restoring media from apple tv

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sosnpk, Oct 22, 2008.

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    I'm going back and forth between buying a time capsule or apple tv. My question is if my computer crapped out is it possible to restore my media from apple tv, is the file system accessible (with some hacking of course).

    My audio and pictures are the primary things i'm concerned about, I take a dvd backup every few months but it would be nice to have the apple tv always be in sync and it be possible to restore from it.
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    Yes, if you have ssh or ftp access, it is easy to retrieve your files from your ATV.
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    Are the names of the files left intact or are they like on iPod where the files are renamed?

    Also, if one were to lose the original iTunes library, would restoring from tv maintain the play count and all other information that are on the original file?
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    no, they are renamed.
    If i lost my files and could recover them, I would not be too worried about the play count...:rolleyes:
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    lol.. true... but if that's the case, I'd rather have everything backed up somewhere else then. The tv would be the last line of defense.
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    Agree, ATV is not supposed to be your backup ;-)
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    Yeah i would probably still continue making a backup dvd every few months, just looking for something to handle the incremental backups between those times, I also sync my iphone about every day (podcasts) so have a few options if things crash.

    In the end I plan to have both but for the time being i think i'll have more fun with the apple tv, don't think i'll get too excited watching the first backup finish if i bought the time capsule......
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    what is ssh or ftp? Is it an ftp server?

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    no, you can install these binaries during the patching process, so you have access to your files.

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