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Restrospect vs Time Machine

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by mBox, May 22, 2012.

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    Now that I have your attention, the question really is...is there anything else other than the two mentioned in subject title?
    Testing Retrospect now and feels awkward when searching through archived files. The browser window can only be as big as the app and feels like Windows 3.1 when browsing.
    The only thing Retrospect has over TM is that I can do network drives easily. I tried the fix found online and it didn't work for me.
    The only way we can get away with using TM is if we free up a 12TB RAID as backup.
    Is there any other options out there in the Mac world?
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    Lots of other options on the Mac, both low-end (ChronoSync, &c.) and very high-end (PresSTORE, Atempo). All depends on what your needs are. I haven't touched Retrospect in quite some time, though I should make an excuse to demo the new-ish Retrospect 9.

    How many Macs do you want to back up? How many servers? Any Windows machines? What media / device(s) do you want to back up to?
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    The list is small compared to most Enterprise set-ups.
    Basically two XServes, four mounted 24TB RAIDs (G-Tech), 12 Mac Pro's and 3 Windows 7 (3D animation sequential file renders tends to task most systems).
    Im testing Restrospect 9 now. Seems to do the trick.
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    Are you backing up to tape? Backing up one of the RAIDs to the other? Backing up the workstations as well as the servers?

    In theory, Retrospect is pretty well suited to your environment. It's just about the only game in town for an affordable but powerful cross-platform backup server if you want to run it on a Mac server. I hope they can re-earn the trust of their user base now that the company is independent of the inept corporate overlords (EMC, Sonic Solutions) that more or less ran it into the ground.
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    Backup Software

    I started using Crashplan recently. You might have a look at them.


    I still use Time Machine for proper backups of the system. But for data only, crashplan pretty whicked.


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