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Resumé For Newspaper ?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mox358, Apr 15, 2006.

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    I have an opportunity to submit a resumé to a local newspaper for a part time graphic design job, to finally get out of retail and get a job in my (hopefully) future career!

    My question is to anyone who works for a newspaper or who has submitted a resumé to one. What are the important things that a newspaper would look for as opposed to say a high-end design firm? I have my illustrator, photoshop, quark, indesign experience all listed, my schooling, some presentations I made at NECC about design, and my ability to quickly learn new workflows and software. Is there anything I'm missing?

    Sorry, I'm just a little nervous about submitting a resumé for my first job in the design field.
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    Depends on the position but emphasise:

    Type handling, copyfitting, meeting deadlines, illustrative material (graphs, maps, diagrams), basic photoshopping (cropping, colour adjustments etc.), any experience working with PDFs at all...

    If you've also got any experience in writing, that can help. It's not like you're going to be subbing but demonstrating an attention to detail never hurts.
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    All i can say from the get go is GO FOR IT-Submit your resume to anything
    that remotely or really sounds of interest to you. The reason i say this is because you are a new designer and you need to find your place in the art world by jumping in the pool. You say you are experienced in the softwares needed etc- but the newspaper may have their proprietery stuff and just having various software exp is good enough.

    I have worked in all areas of graphic design-more major magazines than newspapers- and must say that newspaper is awful - unless it is for a major newspaper that you can get in. If you want to learn about high production, fast pace , and low quality design-join a newspaper--it is really good experience but not ideal. That is my opinion. Newspapers have to put out alot real fast- so quality and design style- is not important-all they care about is the established format and getting that rag out.

    You will need to know about lpi (lines per inch) , dpi (dots per inch), type specing, type design, photos and the four color seperation process vs. black and white. All this is important for any designer- but newspapers and magazines thrive on it. There will be editors, page layout people and writers.

    I don't think you are missing anything on your resume-everytime you go to a new art job you learn something new- don't limit yourself-just apply.

    Good wishes and don't count on one job- apply apply apply- who knows where your talent will take you for now.

    Jef's wife
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    Thanks for the advice! I'm taking some time to go over my resumé with the points you guys brought up and check it over before I send it out to these guys. I don't want to work for a paper forever, but I think it could be a nice springboard type of job. I'll also get some real-world experience which is always valuable.

    Again thanks for the help and I'll let you all know how it turns out!
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    sounds interesting, is that the actual title of the job - Graphics designer? I wouldn't mind hunting around for a job like that at a newspaper myself as I need to get my foot in the door somewhere aswell just like you but never really known what the correct term was. In magazines, I think, they call them associate/assistant art directors and they have a bunch of people with that role to spread the work load. Not sure about newspapers.
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    Titles can be misleading. There are many job names for the same thing. Sometimes companies make up big sounding titles, it means they want the job to sound important because it pays very little. Look at the job descriptions, not the titles. ;)

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    the ability to juggle multiple hair-pulling projects from stubborn clients AND MEET DEADLINES is the number one thing i'd look for if i was hiring for newspaper.

    but seriously, newspaper work is such a downer.. it will eat your soul! try not to stay in it too long. just use it as a quick stepping stone.
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    I worked at a weekly newspaper from 2000 until..oh...say...last Monday. And it's a great job to get your start in the design field.

    It's mostly focused on the mechanics. You won't be expected to produce 3 award winning ads a day while spending 2 hour concepting each of them. You will be expected to crank out 20 ads a day and concept them on the fly. If you're doing editorial layout, which is usually seen as a slight step up from newspaper ad design, you need to know how to follow a template - which sounds much easier than it is. Most newspaper templates have lots of little details that are virtually invisible to the average reader.

    A high-end ad agency or design firm is going to be more focused on how you think and how you concept.

    A newspaper is going to be more focused on the speed at which you can get things done.

    Like I said - newspaper is a great place to get a good start in teh design field. Just don't make the mistake I did by staying in the field for 6 years. The super quick deadlines and lack of concept time will burn you out.
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    how much enthasis do they put on grids in magazine work? I've studied a few different grid systems magazines/newspapers use be interesting to know whether they actually do implement these grids into layouts?

    Where's the best place to look for newspaper jobs like you've described Hobgobble? As a starting out job to gain some experience that would suit me down to the ground. I'm not sure with the amount of commercial expererience I have I can can expect anything more than that. Any other tips? Do they tend to use Quark or InDesign?
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    Out of interest does anyone know if a newspaper job such as this requires a bachelors degree from you? I would be quite interested in knowing what qualification they generally expect from you for a role like this.

    The reason I ask this is because I plan on applying for jobs in the States once I have enough experience and stand a remote chance after a year or two most likely. To get a work visa for america the job you apply for has to requite a bachelors degree from you and pay the equivalent wage.
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    A bachelors degree is generally not required for any design job, it helps having one but it's not required. Most anybody looking to hire a designer will put most of the weight on your portfolio, next they look at your skills, speed, personality and last at your degree. Design is an odd field in that the amount of formal education has little bearing on how well you can design, some people understand and some don't, even after years of school.

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    Sorry for my rant, but...

    Stay away! Stay far, far away!
    Newspaper design jobs are ok for starting a portfolio, but if you want to make any decent money and actually enjoy your job, go for an ad agency.
    I work for a designer at a newspaper right now, and I am the second highest in seniority at my job. I've only been there for two years. In my time, we have had 8 different designers hired and 6 leave, just in two years. The turnover is very high because the job is very chaotic, disorganized and stressful.
    Working as a graphic designer at a newspaper, you will have to answer everyones technical questions because "you know computers." Yes, just because you use InDesign or Quark, sales people, managers, circulation staff, and secrataries will assume you know everything about they're specific e-mail clients, word processors, printing problems, fax machines, photocopiers, vending machine, alarm system and filing cabinet! Yes, I've had people ask me about filing cabinets.
    They'll ask you to take a black and white business card sized ad and turn it into a full page process colour ad by pressing the "resize button" on our computers. I really wish I was making that one up or exagerating but I'm not, one sales person actually thought you just hit a button and everything was formatted correctly. ARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting, but it was a long day at the newspaper. Get a newspaper job, and get out as fast as you can.
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    Personally speaking the only requirement I look for in a job is for a boss that shows staff a certain level of respect and doesnt have a power/superiority type complex over staff who enjoys pushing people about needlessly so he/she feels in control. That's the only requirement I ever look for, I can put up with everything else. The type of boss / supervisor i'm talking about you'll find in practically every retail type position (diy stores etc). Really does put things in perspective for future jobs working for places/people like that. Never again :D :eek: for me it's the people you work with on a daily basis not the actual work you do [rant over]
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    Agreed. The first years in the design business will define you, if you stay with a type of design for a long time you will find it very hard to change. If you want to do Annual Reports, go to places that do Annual Reports. This goes for any type of design from movies, magazines, cars, travel, computers, video games, music, whatever. Each area of design has it's own idiosyncrasies, when you show a portfolio with 10 years experience in one type of design you will get nothing but blank looks if you show that book to a different discipline. People like to compare apples to apples. In your first few years getting experience is fine but move as fast as you can to the type of design you want to do.

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    Chip NoVaMac


    As one that has done ad design for my company, I can only recommend that you take and rework ads that have already appeared in the paper. This can show the fresh approach to ad design that may be lacking in their current ads.

    I was able to show my bosses a fresh approach to what had been offered by the in-house artists at the Wash Post. Many ads in the papers are not very eye catching. Many are done by the principles of the company, without an "eye" as to what sells to the customer.
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    Sam/B, it almost sounds like you use to work where I work. Honestly, the work isn't that bad, but the way it is run is terrible. I'm sure I'd love my job if I didn't have a crazy boss.
    I use to have a factory job where the supervisors were just like another worker on the floor, and they would use your ideas, give you credit for them and treat you well. It was great.
    It all depends on your boss, but unfortunatley, you don't get to see what they're really like until you start working for them.
    I don't mean to turn this into a bad boss thread or anything, but that's a major factor in how much you like your job at the end of the day.
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    Well, they received me resumé and called me back already!!! I'm going in for an interview the latter half of this week.

    So thanks for all your advice... it really helped out!
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    congrats on the interview.

    sounds like some people here have had some bad experiences with newspapers, but if you are into it, it can be a very fun job. it can be stressful and what not, but if you work for a good paper, with good people around you, it can be a good job (for crappy pay).
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    well i read all the posts and i got some good chuckles from great people and must say- way to go Mox- all work is honorable!

    jefs wife
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    I got it...

    Well I got the job. I'm doing advertising design, page layout, and will down the road be taking over their web design as well.

    So a pretty exciting day!! And the general manager who was interviewing me also said there is lots of opportunity for pay/hours/title to go up in the near future. So I'm pretty excited right now :D
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    Congratulations! :D

    Now, no MacRumors during the working day, right? ;)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Congrats on the new job.

    Double that here. I just found out that they out sourced my ad creation job to someone outside of the company. I was lead to believe that it was "out sourced" to the paper we were doing ads with.

    It only hurts from the standpoint of everything else did for the company. If I only knew what they were paying, and the deadlines they were willing accept. :D

    But in the end I m happy since I go home each night not having to worry about what is due the next day, I am also able to take a vacation in which I don't need net access or email access to. And on my days off I don't need to worry about a phone call
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    awesome. welcome to the newspaper world. is it a daily, weekly? what's the name of it (if you can say on the forum) -- i'm a newspaper junkie.
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    Thanks.... It's called "The Banner". It's out of southern Indiana. It comes out bi-weekly. We also do another paper that comes out weekly called "The Budget" that is free for everyone. Over the next few months however plans are in place to move to putting out the paper three days a week, and maybe even daily after that, depending on the numbers.

    I also found out that late this summer we're getting G5s. I'm kinda excited since right now everything there is still on OS9.
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    Of course not... ;)

    Well... unless.... :D

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