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Retina Macbook Air [ Will it happen on 2013? ]

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jpangeles1581, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Title says it all. Dunno whether to buy now or wait for it in June, imagine haswell with retina. Pretty sweet.
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    Hope it will be available soon
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    Hope :]
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    Yeah, and I hope they wouldn't charge $1499 for a base model eleven inch with 64 gigabyte ssd.:p that will be too funny.
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    If you're expecting a 13" MB retina in a macbook air body, just expect the price to be unreasonable.
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    Im expecting 1,500$ for the 13inch base more likely with 256gb but probable of 128gb since the ssd price has been really going down.
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    If that's really the case, those that bought the base model thirteen pro retina will feel a bit shafted. Lol
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    I think the 1,699 for 13" retina mbp is just too overpriced, just like when ps3 was released.
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    Since the MB-air seems to be about 1.5-2 years behind on a performance level, I would guess that it should be released next christmas :)
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    What do you mean behind on performance level, doesnt it get an update every year?
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    Probably won't happen for the price point and battery life's sake. Also the IGP in Intel's ULV-processors don't necessarily perform as well as their standard voltage alternatives, leaving GPU performance a valid question before going "retina".

    What they might do is move to IPS. And hopefully a bigger SSD will be available at a lower price.
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    Whats the advantage of IPS from the 2012 mba?
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    Here's how I see it:

    The last MBA was released in June 2012.

    MBA will likely not get a retina display before the release of Haswell. And ULV Haswell may only happen in Q3 2013. Haswell will have the advantage of being much more power efficient than Ivy Bridge, even at the same TDP. In addition, the MBA may get the new Sharp IGZO displays, which will allow them to be thinner and more power efficient.

    So, I see the MBA being refreshed in Q1 2013 (just a spec bump) to get the next version of Ivy Bridge, or not being refreshed at all.

    Then, the MBA will get a redesign in Q3/Q4 2013, and it will feature a Haswell processor (perhaps the 10W ULV version) and will carry a retina IPS IGZO display. It will be even thinner and lighter than the current version, and significantly less powerful than the rMBP, which will be the reason for it to be cheaper.


    Not really. Other manufacturers will start making their own ultrabooks with ultra-high resolution displays, and Apple will have to keep up with that, and offer a compatible price.
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    May i know when did the macbook air got the refresh before the Mid 2012??
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    Ah yes, I meant that the current air has a slightly better gpu and better cpu than a 2010 MBP, so it's roughly 1.5-2 years behind :)
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    July 2011, on the same day that OS X Lion came out. MBA has been on an annual summer refresh cycle since the introduction of the current body style in 2010.
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    We are already there:

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    View 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display
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    It already has a Hi-Res display. What do you people want !?! :confused:
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    That is like saying the 2011 already had a fast SSD so why do you need a faster SSD? Technology. It advances and improves. That is why.
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    That is not a significant jump in resolution. Also, notice the review actually says "it's a bit squinty for my eyes" ..

    Also that review is funny to me, it's basically saying if you want a Macbook Air but are over 40 and are convinced that you need windows, and for some reason don't want to get an MBA and install Windows on it, this is the laptop that you have been waiting 3 long years for. Except it's also a lot more money than an MBA and made out of plastic, and several months later to market. With a way worse SSD.

    I mean, come on. I can't believe you actually referenced that lol
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    Not any time soon

    I dont really think the MBA will get retina till late 2014 simply because it would need total reengineering like they did with the rMBP and the actual screen thinness of the rMBP it is thicker than the MBA. So therefore it will take to much money into the research and to be honest with you its not even worth it to have retina on a air you would need a power house to benefit from a retina i mean with the features on the air is not sufficient to do any thing intense but on the pro you and do intense work e.g. programming photoshop.:apple:
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    That's speed-talk. I'm just trying to say that people are having expectations that are way to high. I'm loving the display on my air, very low glare and high-res. For my usage I don't need a "retina".

    If you don't want to see pixels, get your eyes off the screen and sit back 30cm.

    And for those that REALY need the extremely high resolution, ok, you deserve a "retina" display. But that's maybe 3-5% of all the users?
  25. syd430, Dec 12, 2012
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    I'd rather a faster CPU and larger SSD for the same price. 1440x900 is sufficient for productivity. Retina introduces a whole host of new problems, and the value just isn't there on non-touch devices at this stage.

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