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Retina performance

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Ultra AleM, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Ultra AleM

    Has anyone who installed Mavericks noticed a performance boost on Retinas?
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    I hear the scrolling is much smoother.
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    Thanks for opening this thread. Hope to hear some opinions on the performance with rMBP 15 set at the highest resolution. Mine is not super slow but lags in safari and in launchpad.
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    I installed mavericks. On my already super snappy retina macbook pro the systems runs fine, without any difference I would say. If I set the hight resolution Launchpad still lags a tiny bit. So I think everything is just the same as before for me. I am now trying it on a 2007 MBP :)
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    Really cannot express how i'm satisfied with performance i'm getting from my MBP retina after i upgraded to maverics. I owned 2 15" retinas and both of them had lot of gui performance issues.

    Still can't believe that software update solved all performance problems. Now i can finally be proud of my mac again.
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    I still have UI lag...

    While everything is snappy, launchpad, switching between desktops, spaces, notification center, all lag ever so often...

    I really wished that this thing would be a thing of the past but... no, at least in my case.

    Even with discrete gfx on, there is still some lag.
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    There's no lag when opening the launchpad and navigating around the os. BUT.. the frame rate drops to 1-2 when resizing windows :D it's really bad.. I wonder why that is and why they did not address the issue..

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