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Retriving a password

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by wiSeZo, May 6, 2004.

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    I bought an ibook at a garage sale. It's running perfect. But, when I download files off the internet, the files are locked. I went back to the place where I bought it but they MOVED ALREADY =\. Is there any way I can retrive a password and get admin on my ibook?
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    If you have the original cds, you can boot to it and there is a password reset program or something.
  3. 7on
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    I'd also say reformat the hdd of any used computer you buy.
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    What if you don't have the cd's? Is there any other way I can format or reset the comp?
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    buy panther *cough cough*
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    note: this is for resetting the password...

    Reboot in single-user mode. (hold down cmd+s, while restart). at the screen, enter the command mount -uw /

    write Systemstarter.After some messages, it wd say system started. hit return, you wd again get teh shell prompt.

    write passwd user -- where user is the shortname of your user account. then it wd ask u to enter ur new password, twice. n u wont see what u r typing, so thats ok.

    write reboot, hit enter


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