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Returned my MBA 11" i7 (LG screen)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AbeFroman77, Jul 23, 2011.

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    I'm thinking I might end up getting a 13" i5. i5 having less heat and the 13" having a larger trackpad and display. I can be more productive with the 13".

    I checked all the MBA's 11" and 13" at the Apple Store where I got my 11" LG screen. They all have Samsung screens. I'm not sure if that's a coincidence or maybe Apple only wanted their "better" screens on display.
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    That all the Apple Store display screens were manufactured by Samsung, I suspect is mere coincidence.

    So far, although there may be ‘differences’ between the Samsung and LG/Philips screens, no evidence has been presented to show one is ‘better’ than the other.
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    It looks like it might have some merit:
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    Yes that's right. Apple sends special 'display' models for a slick game of bait n switch. Smart Apples ;).

    They sell the junk to the suckers after they see the good stuff.

    After reading these threads, some of these more impressionable people are going feel like they were robbed, and go back and demand that they give them the "good stuff'.
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    No conspiracy, luck of the draw. I went through all the 13" at the store and only found one samsung on the back row, the rest were LG's on display.

    You know, L(esser) G(raphics).
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    Just curious: why are you obsessed with this? Every post you make seems like you are trying to tease those who have an LG screen as if they aren't part of the "OMG SUPERIOR" Samsung club.

    There is absolutely no technical proof that the LG screens are inferior. Stop spreading FUD.
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    It's not like I'm trying to come across as superior. After all, with a toshiba SSD in this model, I'm only a half breed. If I had both, I'd really be obnoxious.:p

    And the proof was finding a Samsung model in the apple store and comparing it to my LG. My blackshirt friend could easily tell the difference, and immediately volunteered to go to the back and swap 'em out.

    And one of the hallmarks about the Air is that is supposed to have a better quality screen. Lack of contrast, washed out darks ain't gonna cut it. Expecting customers to get calibration hardware is BS. Apple needs to get it's QC together.

    Maybe Gizmodo or someone else will post an article about it, and you'll believe it then, eh?
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    Did you randomly read one post?
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    I think he works for LG...:D
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    Ah, the internet. What a place.
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    Admittedly, I have been a bit obsessed about it.

    But teasing you is just so damned fun!
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    So how did your screen compare to the other LGs on display?
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    They were all LG at our local store .

    I did find a previous gen Samsung in another store
    and it had out of the box display calibration issues as well.

    I think the LG could be best with an alternative color profile,
    hopefully someone with the tools will post one.
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    I admit that I have no idea what the fuss is about the LCD panels on the new MBAs is, but I have in my possession a new 13" MBA and the image quality is mind blowing. If I didn't know better, I would say it was an IPS panel.

    I am actually returning the MBA and the amazing screen is going to be the main thing I miss. Before anyone jumps in, I am going to flatly state that my returning the MBA has nothing to do with the quality of the unit. I simply decided that my late 2008 MacBook will serve me just fine for another few years instead of spending $1500.
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    All washed out with poor contrast. Almost didn't have to do the terminal cmd on the samsung, you could tell the difference by sight.
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    OK which one is better you say, the Samsung or the LG?
  18. 2IS
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    So how does one determine if they've got an LG or Samsung equipped panel?
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    Unfortunately, my comment has been taken out of context.

    Google floaters; check wikipedia. Be aware how incredibly irritating it is to have these floating around inside your eyeballs.

    I had no idea the screens were manufactured by different suppliers, but I immediately saw a difference in my vision while looking at my 13 vs my 11. I consider the 13 to have a relative lack of sharpness (beyond the 5% pixel density difference) and comparatively poor colour depth, and the floaters were immediately more obvious whilst using it. This may be as a result of the relative blurriness of that screen, I have a 27 inch iMac and I do not notice them nearly as much when using that either. This leads me to the conclusion that the 13's screen (on the model that I own) is of poorer quality.

    Either that or my eyes have an agenda against the 16:10 format.
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    Samsung. Dimmer screen, but not as washed out. Better contrast and color saturation. Blacks are blacks, not greys.

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    On my 2010 13" lG, right now as I'm typing, next to the reply box where those smileys are, the small apple logo appear completely black to me, even at highest brightness setting.

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    Honestly, you are beginning to sound like a brat.

    Just put your little coined tagline in your signature already. This way, you will win every time you post anything.
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    You're a moron. I have an LG and all my blacks look black.
    I bet if I put two screens side by side you couldn't choose which one is which.

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    I just wonder who bothers to exchange their laptop for something useless like that. I got both the Toshiba drive and a non samsung screen (from what I've been told it was Philips? ), but who cares. It's good regardless.
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    I seriously think a lot of you are being so paranoid about this LG vs Samsung screen thing.

    I had a look at the MBA's twice at the Apple Store and they all look great to me. If I hadn't read the threads on here I would not have realised that some had different panels etc.

    I guess being an enthusiast forum we obsess over the little details that most people don't see or care about- but there comes a point where you gotta stop worrying about who manufactured the panel in your screen and just enjoy the machine.

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