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Returning 3G Touch For 4G Possible?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xXRocketManXx, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I have a 3G 32 gig Ipod Touch that is $300, and now there is the much improved touch for the same price and memory so couldnt I go to the apple store and ask for a exchange? Its way past the 14 day refund but do you think they will allow it?
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    If it's way passed, probably not.
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    Depends. Is it opened? If not, you should have 30days. If it's 1 or 2 days past the 14 days (which isn't the case), you could probably get the refund. If you got it with the Back to School promo, you won't be able to return it for a refund (if it was defective you'd get a replacement of the same model). If it's been longer than 16 or so days and it's opened you have little chance of getting your money back. If you really wanted the 4G you'd be taking a big loss if you sold it used. That's why it's always a good idea to pay attention to all the news here at Macrumors :)
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    :( So I guess im not getting a 4G. But my 1 year warranty for my 3G ends on Sept. 23 So if I wait until Sept. 22 for most of the 3G's to run out and have a broken 3G will they have to give me a 4G?
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    Nope. I thought you were talking about a few weeks ago you bought it, but nearly a year will not cut it for sure. Live with your 3rd gen and buy a 6th gen when it comes out (I think 5th gen may be a little early still).
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    Im still going to the Apple store to give it a shot, even though chances are slim:D
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    If you bring your broken 3rd gen to the store during your warranty they will replace it with a refurb 3rd gen. Trust me, they'll be keeping plenty of these 3g units in stock for a while for just this reason.
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    I'm sure Apple has seen a lot of people trying to return an older generation of iPod right before the warranty ends. They are ready for any and every excuse people have for trying to get a new generation for their warranty. It is not going to happen!
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    Wow dude, is this a joke?
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    Dont try to milk Apple's Services.
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    ^^^I fixed that for you.

    You're one of those people who thinks that the world owes you everything, aren't you?
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    I would hate to deal with these sorts of people on a daily basis.

    - New MBP comes out

    "I bought this nine months ago, can I return it and get the new one for no added cost on my end?"
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    Lol, good luck. That's not gonna happen. :)
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    ...great, then we'll see "how rude" the apple store was...(new thread)...
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    OP you are a loser just trying to waste everyone's time

    I am reminded of an Oatmeal comic

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    This is why it takes me 2 days to get in for a genius appointment when I need one. I hope they laugh at you so hard you decide to go buy a zune and pester them in future instead.
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    Why not sell your 3G, then use whatever $$ you make towards buying a new 4G? That's what I'm eventually planning to do with my 2G.
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    You just want to visit the apple store he?:confused:
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    I bought my 3rd gen 64GB last sept shortly after they went on sale. then, just a couple days ago I sold it for $125 less that I bought it for. now I'll buy a new one. so basically I'm trading up for 125, not too bad if you ask me... I'd rather do this every year then wait every few years and buy a new one full price. so OP, just sell your 3rd gen, recoup your loses then buy the new one. you don't need it today. you can always save for a month. ipods come out like clockwork, so these things are easy to foresee. its like buying a car in the fall and being disappointed 2 months later when the new model comes out.
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    :eek: Good Luck!!! :D
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    just sell it on craigslist and cough up the money to pay for the 4G
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    they still have 2g's in stock, or get them shipped if you need it replaced. I 100% guarantee they will have 3g's available for replacement until all warranties run out. (2 years)
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    Recycle Program

    Apple has the Recycle Program for the iPods. You can get 10% off your next purchase of a new iPod if you trade-in the iPod you have.
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    10% off? That's like $30. I'd rather sell it on Craigslist, looks like the iPod OP has is working... :rolleyes:

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