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Returning replacement for iMac

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by mohsy90, May 26, 2011.

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    I had a 24" Apple Cinema Display that was causing some serious flickering problems with the new Macbook Pro 13" that was recently released. So i gave apple a call and apparently they don't have a fix and offered to upgrade my 24" ACD to the new 27" apple cinema display for free. My question is, i was thinking of getting an imac and i just received the new 27" display in the mail and its yet to be opened.

    So what are the chances i can bring this new display to my apple store and just pay the difference to get a 21.5" imac? Its an upgraded replacement, so im not sure if they'll take it back for a return to obtain an imac. Any idea's?
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    Your best bet is to visit, if possible, the store and ask nicely to the manager assuming the 27" display is in new, retail packaging vs being a brown box?
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    Idk why, i kinda get the feeling im somehow cheating the system, by having an 8 month old 24" ACD replaced for a 27" and then using its retail price of $999 to get a $1199 imac. I just wanted to get the 24" fixed or replaced for another 24" but the 27" is just a tad too big for my office desk and seeing i have a brand new one in retail packaging, i figured why not just see if i can trade it in for a new iMac. Lets see, i'm gonna the apple store.

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