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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Macavee, Nov 30, 2010.

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    I have just been given a first generation MacBook Air that works great except that the hinge is so broken it lies flat and the screen has gone flamingo pink.

    Please do not tell me to appeal to Apple Care, or to have it fixed. Where I live the repair quote is more than the cost of a new unit. My friend passed this on to me saying "maybe you can figure out some way to use it". I have been using Macs since 1987 and this is the first time I have seen one do anything like this, so I am at a loo here.

    And please do not direct me the Apple manual for the MacBook Air because it has nothing about hinges in it, let alone flamingo colored screens.

    I am assuming that because the screen is flamingo pink (and static-y like an old television) that the wires between the base and the screen are ruptured. To get a look at it I would have to take the entire hinge apart--- but this computer still basically works and I do not want to jeopardize that...

    Can I hook it up to a monitor or a TV? Can I use blue tooth something-or-other?

    Do I have any options at this point?

    Remember, taking it to be fixed/replaced is not an option.

    Thanks so very much
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    You can try to hook it up to an external monitor. Just have the display setting mirror and the monitor will show everything that the old screen would have shown.
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    Well, this sounds hopeful!

    External monitor: would it have to be an Apple product?

    What does "just have the display setting mirror" mean?

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    No. Pretty much any monitor will do

    It's in display settings. When you have 2 screens attached you can span across them (extend your desktop in Windows terms) or mirror them (so they both show the exact same thing). As your internal screen is damaged, and the air has limited graphics power, you will probably want to mirror. The downside to this is that the external resolution will be limited to the same resolution as the internal screen. In spanning mode this would not be the case...
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    So if I found a monitor not much bigger it would be best?

    And if I were to mirror them, what kind of cable would it require? (Just give the names I can look them up :) )
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    What about this...I have a MacBook g4 that is horrendously slow. Could I pıggyback and use it's screen?
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    He just needs a mini DVI to VGA or DVI adapter. That is an obvious use for the MBA.

    eBay has case parts. You can also find parts from Chinese wholesalers really cheap.

    I would suggest that the cheapest way to get it going though is just use an external monitor along with a mini DVI to VGA/DVI adapter.

    I just bought my daughter a 20" Apple aluminum ACD for $94 on eBay and it's in great condition. For the same money, $100, I have seen several 20/22" displays on holiday ads. Seen a few 24" for an extra $50 or so. It doesn't have to be an expensive $999 ACD. You could even plug it into a flat panel TV if it takes either DVI or VGA inputs.

    Good luck.
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    No. Although there is no such thing as a MacBook G4. All MacBooks have Intel CPUs. If it's a G4 it's an iBook. Either way it has no video inputs.
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    Thanks. That is great information.

    I don't live in the US so eBay is not an option but I bet I can find these parts in the tech neighborhood of our city. Mac products here are strictly regulated and come with a 100% luxury tax. Maybe I can have my daughter bring something home with her when she comes home from university in a few weeks.

    I am so pleased you guys are saying this is possible. I will print this out, get together with my techy friend and see what we can do. I'll getback to you and let you know how it goes.:):):):):):):):):):)
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    That's right. We have six Macs functioning in our hose at the moment. It's easy to get them confused. But I must say I loved that G4. Wrote my first novel on it.

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