Rev B Thermal Paste - Sloppy or Normal?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by justit, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Anyone know if this is considered a neat and clean application from the factory or should I clean up and re-apply?

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    I would compare it to this (oddly a sticky on this forum ;) ) Now did you take it apart because you're having heat issues or because you're curious like the OP of the thread I linked.
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    I'm actually looking for advice from anyone that's done the reapplication to know what's good or bad as I have no experience.

    No I'm trying my best to get to the bottom of why it heats up so fast. ;)
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    If you expected me to inspect your previous posts to help then you're sadly mistaken.

    Now, the thermal paste application in the photo you attached compared to the photo I attached looks a bit sloppy. I would contact the OP of the sticky I posted and ask him about how he reapplied the thermal paste on his Rev A (he discussed this before) and get advice.
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    No expectations at all, just need a little expert advice if anyone's got some to give. :eek:
    I hope this was directed toward ppl that own an MBA Rev B and have seen/applied the paste. I tried my best to answer your earlier question on why I'm posting this thread in the first place. Hope that clarifies what I'm looking for here.
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    NC MacGuy

    Well, once you've cracked it open, I think you have to go ahead and replace it. You've broken the thermal bond between the heat sink -black metal piece- and the processors. The compound hardens between the two and once pulled apart, you almost have to replace it. First, do you have any Arctic Silver 5 or other quality heat sink compound? Other supplies: 91% isopropyl, wood handled cotton qtips, kimwipes or other lint free cleaning towels.

    1) Disconnect the battery connection to proc. board..
    2) Using qtips and isopropol, swap gently tops of cpu and gpu.
    3) When compound starts to break down (turns mushy instead of hard) use more clean qtips and kimwipes to remove all compound.
    4) Do the same with heat sink - black metal piece from top.
    5) Be sure to not leave any cotton qtip pieces or kimwipe pieces in between connections.
    6) With wood handle piece of qtip, spread an even coating on the tops of the processors and square heat sink spaces (as removed from.) Not too thick. Less than 1/2 thickness of a dime. Do not use cotton end - it'll leave cotton strands in the compound which is very sticky.
    7) Line up heat sink to processors, set on top and give a small (<10º) turn so compound will spread over any uneven areas.
    8) Replace screws - all except screw that holds "L" pressure bracket on top.
    9) Gently bend that "L" bracket down on its ends so you have better contact. This should be done very gently so you don't break it. You don't want a big bend, just a wee little bit to increase pressure.
    10) Place bracket on and start screw. Once a turn or two are on the screw, rotate so hole is lined up in bracket and heat sink.
    11) Tighten screw. Be sure not to strip it out. Tight but not killa' gorilla tight.
    12) Reconnect battery connector.
    13) Place bottom on unit but only use a few screws just in case...
    14) Turn on computer. Monitor cpu temp. If climbs over 80º easily, turn off, remove bottom and try tightening up screws a bit more. You may have a poor thermal connection meaning compound is not moving heat from proc. to heat sink. Try again. If still climbing in heat, remove heat sink, add a little bit more compound and try again.

    Hope this helps a little. Good luck and take your time.
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    a little!? Man that's a real reply, thank you will try it out.

    ]Congrats on the 'Demi-God' :)
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    NC MacGuy

    No problem. PM if you have any questions.

    That demi whatever just means I support the site and let the moths out of my wallet.;)
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    Cheffy Dave

    NC MacGuy, you, (and others like you) are one of the many reasons this is one of the best forums around, what a generous post
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    Interesting read:
    Is it worth buying AS5 for the NVidia and Ceramique for the CPU?
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    That would be the best setup. Frankly speaking, they are not expensive and the MBA could to with any help it can get from cooling. Once my applecare is up I will be doing the same.

    If only now they would bring out after-market fans for the MBA. Replacing the stock cooler on a PC can give you very nice heat improvements.

    Little changes like this can give you nice little improvements.
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    NC MacGuy

    Get the AS5 for both. You can get a tube at Fry's or eBay. Get the small one - it'll do at least 5-10 Air's. You don't need a lot.

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