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Revamped iPod Nano to Include Oblong Body with Home Button?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Japanese blog Mac Otakara reports that Apple will be redesigning the iPod nano later this year with a new form factor that more closely resembles an iPod touch. According to the report, the iPod nano will apparently sport a rectangular screen and a home button similar to that found on iOS devices.

    Given that the screen size on this redesigned iPod nano would appear to be substantially smaller than the iPhone/iPod touch, it seems unlikely that the iPod nano would run iOS apps. Instead, Apple is likely to use a custom operating system and apps skinned to resemble iOS as found on the current incarnation of the iPod nano.

    The report also indicates that Apple will be bringing a "dedicated new iTunes service" to the device, but there is no word on what that service would entail.

    Apple's iPod lines have generally trended to smaller form factors with each redesign, but this rumored redesign would appear to mark a substantial increase in size from the current form factor, which was introduced in September 2010. Several leaked photos have suggested that Apple planned to add a camera to the smaller form factor, but it appears that the company may have ultimately scrapped those plans.

    It would not be unprecedented, however, for Apple to decide that smaller is not necessarily better, particularly if the iPod nano can see increased functionality with the new design. Apple famously removed virtually all buttons from the iPod shuffle in March 2009 as it moved controls to the headphone cord, but a September 2010 redesign saw the return of the click wheel and other on-device buttons.

    Article Link: Revamped iPod Nano to Include Oblong Body with Home Button?
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    Looks interesting. I'm still sporting the "fat" nano as the main player in my car. Time for a replacement soon perhaps.
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    that's not a bad mockup render
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    At least bring back the camera!

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    Wifi reception aside, beautiful design / renders!
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    I can't help but think that would make a great iPhone Nano :D
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    If the current iPod touch is discontinued and replaced by a combination of this on the low end and the 7.85 inch iPad at the higher end, it might all make sense...

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    I'm doing the exact same thing with my old nano, it's been locking up alot and it will no longer hold all my music, maybe this will drive refurb prices down a bit. I think the render looks like a knock off iPod touch.
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    Same. I hope they don't get rid of or change the dock connector though, as my headunit has an ipod dock connector.
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    Actually seems like a good idea!
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    About time.

    The current Nano was an interesting experiment but the fact it's been more popular as a makeshift wristwatch says it all.

    This mockup would be a much more natural/ergonomic form factor.
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    not bad
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    Maybe this is where the rumors for an iPhone with just longer display is coming from?

    This would make more sense for the nano because it doesn't use iOS, but a just media focused interface. I always like the nano with the larger screen than the current shuffle screen design.
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    Imagine Apple doing with the iPod nano what they're rumored to be doing with the smaller iPad: They could take the 480x320 screen of the original (non-retina) iPod Touch and shrink it by a third or so. Put iOS on it and you've got a smaller iPod Touch to go along with the rumored larger-screen iPod Touch. Tap targets would be awfully small, but perhaps that's a trade-off worth making for access to hundreds of thousands of apps.
  17. Mic'sBook, Jul 10, 2012
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    I like the good-looking tall form factor of iPod nano, but why not just focus on the iPod touch and keep making it better and better, thus increasing the user base of iOS? What's more, it seems that the current (6th generation) iPod nano is doing great as well. And some people just use it with a watch band as a watch.

    Want a camera, play videos, etc.? -> iPod touch (plus all the great apps available for the iOS + increase the user base of iOS)
    Just music? -> iPod nano/iPod shuffle

    I think the product lines now are fine in my opinion.
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    Looks good to me. Much better than the current nano, which I simply don't get.

    But, not sure who would be buying these? I see 8 year olds with iPod touch these days.
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    UGLY! MY opinion I am entitled to it. :)
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    Best Nano ever was


    hopefully they go back to this design and get the video recording again. I love being able to snap photos and take videos on something that small, even if it's just silly stuff like foxes and eerie empty streets when I'm out running at night. Or if you see an accident or something when you're out for a jog, it's nice to be able to record it.
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    While I know it's just a quick render, that thing looks just 'meh'.

    Kudos for the use of 'oblong' though, it's not every day you see that word used in a headline.
  22. Reason077, Jul 10, 2012
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    Looks cool.

    Now they just need to add apps, and the ability to make calls. Voila! iPhone mini.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    I'm not sure how I feel about this.... I wonder what size this thing would be.. The same size as the last long iPod Nano?
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    Loving the rounded aluminum
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    but I can't wear it on my wrist :/

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