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Review and photos of Lemke's GraphicConverter 5.3

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 4, 2004.

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    That's true for ImageReady (and the same stuff integrated into PS Elements) too. GraphicConverter just isn't that strong when it comes to reducing palettes intelligently, or using partial-frame overlays in animated images.

    Its works well these days as an alternative to iPhoto; its browser doesn't grab control of the directory structure away from you. Way faster too, and the original functions (batch conversion) still don't really appear in as usable a form anywhere else.
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    You gotta love the title of this one...

    ...it's sooooooo misleading! :D

    It's hard to argue with the premise. If ever there was an inexpensive graphic utility that did what it said it would do I don't know what it would/could be other than Graphic Converter. Some like GIMP but it's waaaaay too much X-windows for me. And complicated. The developer, Thorsten Lemke, is somewhat like the guy who does VueScan, the "this will work on any scanner" application. Worth the money.

    What was the real title of this article again? :eek:
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    But the Macbytes title *is* misleading! I was specifically promised a "Review and photos of Lemke's GraphicConverter 5.3, and the only photo is of some guy with flowers growing out of his skull, deciding which pair of socks will go best with them. That's simply wrong.
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    Jerry Spoon

    All I really learned from this article is that GraphicConverter costs "10-cents a day (for a year)". Just tell me the d*mn software costs $30 for goodness sakes.

    And yea, where were the review and pictures. Nowhere to be found. Fine if you know absolutely nothing about GraphicConverter, but I used to use it and was hoping to see what was new and improved w/ the software. Oh well.
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    Oh, actual new 5.3 features? The usual bug fixes and incremental improvements/additions, but the most noticeable changes this time are a caliper tool (measures the distance in pixels between any two points, any angle -- useful for scaling compositions) and a "slice" tool that can be useful for doing bletcherous things in WWW pages. All the gory change details going waaaay back are here.

    It's still not trying to be a Photoshop or Painter. You get simple pencil, eraser and bucket tools, but not much else in the way of brushes.

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