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review logo

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by skd, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. skd
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    new logo. I'm a architect and have been working on a new logo. The logo will be used for business cards, titleblocks, etc. Would like some feedback.

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    It doesnt really say Architects. It looks like some painting and decorating business.

    Isnt Architecture about precision? I would go with a more clean and precise logo and avoid the randomness of a paint daub.

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    i agree with Macboobs. it doesn't imply architecture. i look at that and think interior design, painting, or some related field. i'd suggest something with more lines, maybe a ruler-type object.
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    well for an architect I think this is pretty impressive. Better than some of the logos posted here by professional graphic artist :eek:

    Needless to say I like it, but it isn't the most original logo, I can't seem to find it right now but I know I've seen a logo on TV that is very similair (that is a paint stroke in a circle like this).

    So personally I do think it's rather nice, even if it does remind me of another logo I saw somewhere.

    As for the "it doesn't look like an architect" comments I wouldn't be too concerned. No, it doesn't include clean lines and a protractor, but it's certanly not inappropriate and I think architects can get away with having a bit of fun with their logo.
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    Because any self respecting professional would not work for free. Any pros that do post usually post quick concepts that unfortunately get used as the final piece. I know I have posted a few quick ideas and spent all of 5 minutes on them to help a few people out but I wouldnt spend and entire day or two on a logo then post it here for someone for free when I can be charging a minimum of £1000 for it. ;)

    I certainly would. If the OP didnt mention it was for an Architect what would you think it was for?

    Here is a simple logo, its not mine or for an Architects, but the idea is very simple and clearly depicts buildings which are of course an architects bread and butter.

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    Dont ask me why but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that was kebabs, as I said don't ask me why :confused:

    Personally I dont think it says architect and for me it doesnt seem professional enough, I expect an architect to be classy rather than arty but I suppose thats more of a personal thing than anything
  7. skd
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    thanks for the input. It wasn't meant to be a finished product, but just an image I had that I was trying to develope. My practice involves high end custom homes that do involve a sense of art or individuality. I'm also known in my community as a martial artist and lately my designs seem to have an asian (less is more) direction. I'll spend more time with it tonight after work.
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    it looks like the Lucent logo with some poorly done, fake-distressed type in the middle.

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    Beware of the relative size of each of the pieces involved, and think about how you are going to use this piece in all different ways. For instance, when you resize this to fit on a business card that is (typically) only 2" tall, "krebs design" MAY be too small for your liking.
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    I wasn't talking about the fun joke logos we all post when some one comes looking for free work. I agree, designers deserve to be paid for their work. My comment was in reference to the "critique my logo" threads (like this one) that pop up.

    And I still think is fine for an architect, especially after he described his work. I mean no, it doesn't scream architect, but it doesn't need to. I'd assume his business cards would have his title on them. Would I want my accountant or laywer to have a logo like this? Absolutly not, but if I want my house designed with some personality...
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    Is that a circle with a Illustrator brush stroke on it?
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    Sirus The Virus

    Since a circle with an Illustrator brush stroke is distinguishable.
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    part of branding is the image being tied to what you do over time. When you look at IBM does it scream "Computers and computer technology" to you? no it doesn't.

    There is a Zen element to architecture, especially modern or minimal design. The circle he has used is evoking the zen brush circle. The font and type however are trying too hard to be "artistic".

    I also agree with the poster who mentioned considering the element sizes in relation to each other. I would pick a more structured font that grounds the piece and gives it the technical look people keep mentioning. clean, with no italics. the italics make it seem emphasized or gives the impression of speed, which you don't necessarily want to imply to people that you are building a house for... yes, fast is good, but fast can also equal sloppy.

    You may want to consider making the circle a mark and moving it to the side of the logotype, but not necessarily. Keep playing with it and if you feel the need to have the asian influence in the logo, maybe try some other elements.

    Look at some of the architectural details from japanese design. You don't want to make seem strictly asian though unless you are putting that element into all the homes you design.

    you need an archetype.

    In the end it all comes down to preference, and I don't personally hate the circle. It will take a bit to become recognizable as a brand that applies to architecture, but thats part of the game. If you choose to use that design element I would heed the advice of the other posters in relation to font type and size relation between the elements.

    Not a bad take though for a first go... Good luck with it.
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    What did your old logo look like?

    When i think about Architecture i think of lines, space, 2D/3D buildings, or any other type of simple drafting drawings i did in high school. I did a simple design, while waiting for something to print at work, i will do it in illustrator when i get home and post it.
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    Here is what i have came up with, forgot to post it last night [sorry].

    My $100/hour fee can be sent to my Paypal account: sweetfeld28@gmail... :D

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    Looks much better... Here are a few ideas

    1. Get rid of the window (screen left)

    2. Maybe get rid of all windows and just add doors.....

    You're in the right direction though :cool:

    maybe fix the perspective and work with the font as well...
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    Since leaving out the windows was mentioned, I have removed them just to see what it would look like and i kinda liked it. I also played with the perspective a little more.

    Oh, and the Font I used was Neutraface, from House Industries.

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    Ok...now from a printers perspective!...I really get frustrated at designers who have no concept of the end result because they dont understand the printing process!!!...... get rid of the circle .....Keep in mind you are going to use this logo on pretty much everything that is square or rectangle, paper has straight edges. if you are going to use type remember to keep it to no smaller than 10pt otherwise you will need reading glasses...lol....use of gradient screens are kewl but should be no less than 100 lpi. hairline type also tends to disappear! Anyone need any other tips?..lol...just messing......again...ditch the BRUSH CIRCLE!!
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    by that logic there should never be any circular logos.

    that entirely depends on the typeface. you can have perfectly readable and legible type offset printed at much smaller than 10 point depending on the face.

    while i have seen nothing on this thread that is remotely good in terms of logo design, i do not understand the point of your comments.
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    You are correct in that smaller type is ok as long as the printing is good...just certains types dont do well...as far as circles that was just a personal preference to a design for his firm....and also just to see if my comment would post.....my apologies for ruffling feathers...i will think my posts thru in the future...:D
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    looks good Sweetfeld
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    Sure does, even if the company IS spelled wrong :)
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    Thanks, i was just bored at work.

    Those took me no more than 5-10 mins. to do. But, i still think they are simple enough that one could read it visibly on a business card, or a letterhead. And yes the Font should always be bigger than an 8 point [i was always taught 10], but with some fonts it could work. However, thin Fonts will most likely not.
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    lol, i didn't even notice that. i'll fix it.

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