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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Austin M., May 26, 2011.

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    Austin M.


    Ever since getting the iPad 2 I was instantly concerned with protection so that it wouldn't get scratched up and scuffed. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to get two awesome forms of protection. The first, Vaja cases, which will come in a later review, provided awesome front and back protection with the sleep and wake function. That being said, I was desperately Hoping for some screen protection. That came in the form of a screen shield names the HD Anti-Glare from Power Support, one of the most popular screen shields on the market today. So, is it still worth the price? Read on to find out.

    The first time I ever used a screen shield made by Power Support was with my iPhone 4, the HD Anti-Glare as well. I absolutely loved the protection it offered, and I kept a lot of the glare and fingerprints off my screen. With the release of the iPad 2, Power Support had taken that same screen shield for the iPhone 4 and increased dimensions to fit the new tablet. Before I get onto what I like and dislike about the HD Anti-Glare, let's take a quick glance over what is in the packaging and the installation process.

    As with all Power Support screen shields, you don't get a lot of goodies. In fact, you only get the screen shield itself and a set of instructions. Now, before you start complaining about only getting one shield, please take in mind that these are some of the best quality screen shields in the world, and you really don't need any extra ones. Now, as far as installation goes, it was one of the easiest that I have ever tried. I don't generally follow instructions (although Power Support includes them) even if they are included. I just line it up, and push out the air bubbles. The HD Anti-Glare for the iPad 2 is quite forgiving when it comes to bubbles and dust, unlike many other screen shields that showcases dust and lint in the form of a giant bubble that will simply not come out. That's not the case with the Power Support HD Anti-Glare.

    After installing the shield (which I got perfectly aligned) and releasing the bubbles, I took a quick glance over all of the cutouts and corners. Unlike some other shields, the HD Anti-Glare does not extend all the way to the corners of the iPad 2, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Its good if you are using a tight fitting case as it will most likely be compatible. Unfortunately, it will leave a very small portion of the screen exposed, which may be prone to scratching, although, it really shouldn't be too much of a problem. Taking a look around the shield you will find two Individual cutouts for the home button and the front facing camera that are perfectly aligned. No surprise there coming from a very quality orientated brand like Power Support.

    Since this is a anti glare screen shield, it will prevent a lot of fingerprints and glare, which is a very positive thing. The HD Anti-Glare did a very good job of blocking our fingerprints very much like the iPhone 4. Also, the screen shield feels great and has a very silky smooth feel when you glide your hands across. There are two things that I don't particular enjoy about the HD Anti-Glare for the iPad 2. First, when you do get fingerprints, they take a very long time to clean off, as the screen can become very smudged. Also, since this a anti glare, the screen clarity will be reduced ever so slightly. That being said, you will get used to this over time and clarity is price you pay for anti glare and anti fingerprints.

    So, what do I think overall of the HD Anti-Glare for the iPad 2? In my opinion, it's a fantastic screen shield. While not everyone may like the texture and how it decreases the screen quality, most people will enjoy the reduction of glare and fingerprints. You can pick up the Power Support HD Anti-Glare for $29.95 on Power Support's website. Follow the link to get your hands on your own.

    Rating: 4.5/5
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    Thanks for the detailed review.

    I had my iPad 1 for a year and had the Power Support (PS) Screen Protector on it the whole time. I loved how it reduced the glare and the fingerprints. I was slightly disappointed (for want of a better word) at the reduction of the quality of the screen. The Protector after a year still looked as good as new and had no marks on it at all. Agree that the installation was a breeze.

    For my iPad 2 I have installed a Best Skins Ever skin (BSE) which is not Anti-Glare. I love the clarity of the screen; it does not take anything away from the iPad screen. I am not so bothered about the fingerprints, I feel it reduces them slightly compared to the bare iPad screen. I am not enjoying the glare.

    It is a tough decision whether to go back to PS Screen Protector or stick with the BSE.
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    I had the BSE on the front and back. I decided to keep the back but get a power support antiglare for the front and feel that the ps is WAY better. I love the BSE back, but wouldn't use it for a screen protector.
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    Austin M.

    Power Support screen shields do last a long time from what I have tried, that and SGP. That's what I love about some of those high end companies.
  5. 3goldens, May 30, 2011
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    I used PS on my first and on my second ipad. I don't really care about the slight reduction in clarity, it more than makes up for the elimination of fingerprints and glare.

    They are expensive, but the one I used on the first ipad lasted well over a year and was still fine, I only took it off cause I thought I was going to sell it, which I ended up not doing so I kinda wasted it.

    Any way, I have tried every brand of screen protector and as far as I'm concerned they all suck in comparison to the Power Support. No comparison. Most feel like a cheap stick surface one one glides their finger over the screen, a most unpleasant experience. The only one that come close for over all protection is Wrapsol, which I use on all my notebooks and the back of my Ipads.

    They offer, hand down the best warranty of all screen and body protectors.

    While Worst Skins Ever, Zagg, and even SGP all offer some level of guarantee and replacement, even if you, despite carefully following the instructions provided will back you up if your really unhappy with the installation or if does not adhere properly.

    Power Support comes in very last in this warranty and guarantee category, which is important to many people, because of the above.

    They offer the worst warranty and customer service who seem really uncooperative and hesitant to replace their screens. I once had a legitimately defective protector and found their response time and willingness to replace it almost non existent, yet they eventually did after weeks of email correspondence. Trick to this is if your buy a Power Support screen, get it from them directly, the warranty process is so much easier if they know you purchased it from them.

    Despite the know it alls out there who are able to get a flimsy piece of plastic perfectly positioned on an Ipad screen screen, some people find this kind of project more difficult and frustrating.

    So take comfort in the fact that without a doubt Power Support is the easiest installation of all of them.

    First time every time, Ipad, Iphone whatever, goes on smooth as silk, very straightforward installation and you'll be happy with the results.

    Most importantly, the protecter is made to last, and its tough, takes a moderate amount of abuse, from day to day use, eliminates the usual fingerprints that are associated with the screen, and provides the much needed glare reduction one seeks in using the device outdoors or in bright light situations.

    Overall I have been extremely happy with this product despite some of the drawbacks and would recommend it over every other.
  6. Tobster3, May 30, 2011
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    You have just finally convinved me. I have decided to switch back to PS and will head over to the Apple Store soon to buy a PS screen protector for my iPad 2. I'll keep the BSE on the back.
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    Best shields in the world? Debatable.

    Don't need more than one? Wit until that one gets a scratch or the typical fingerprint wearing kicks in, you'll wish you had another.

    I don't care what they do to the PET film, it's still PET film, and $30 is way too much for one film. Period.

    I enjoyed the one I was given as a gift for iPad 1, but won't even consider paying that price ($5 more than last gen iirc). The splsh 3 PK on amazon is $17 shipped, and while a bit tougher to install, jut about as good, at half the price, FOR THREE.

    Now bear in mind it also took them SEVEN months to replace a film under warranty that was damaged out of the box and reported on the first day. After communicating, sending pics, getting a couple of responses, they just vanished. I finally sent a snarky email pointing out the irony of their name and a 7 month wait time for a replacement and someone got back to me. I'm sure it was an oversight, but man seven months for warranty.

    Otoh, I do agree that they are the clearest of the ag, but that may only = best to some people. They are not the most durable by a long shot, which may count if kids or pets are around.
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    If you live in the UK, where did you get yours from?

    As I, currently, cannot find a place that sells them, apart from: link. However, on reviews for their site, there's a few 5* and a few 1*, so I'm slightly suspicious.
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    They don't have them there yet.
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    I just received my PS screen protector, and I agree with the OP 100%. For me though, the pros GREATLY outweigh the cons. Idk if it's my fingers or what, but the glass looks HORRIBLE even after a quick browse of the Internet. Fingerprints are now non-existent, and that alone was worth the $40
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    How do you get the dust out once it's applied?

    When I did mine, there were a few dust particles I didn't notice until after it was applied. I could push the air bubbles out, but not the dust. I tried pulling it back up to to the tape trick to pull the dust off, but ended up bending it in the process, making it unusable. Any tricks to the dust thing? I was already doing the humid bathroom trick.

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