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Review:Targus Versavu Cover/Stand iPad 2 & Full Bodyguardz

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by falconeight, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Every once in awhile a product impresses me enough to write a review. I bought the Ipad 2 Smart Cover and just couldn't deal with it always falling off. So I went to best buy and took a shot with this Targus Versavu 360. I used the Apple OEM case on my ipad 1 and never used another it worked great for me, so this was a pretty big leap for me. I have been using it for 4 days now and absolutely am in love with the function and quality of the case. The price is $59.99 and I think it is worth the money.

    Pros of the case/Stand: Sturdy Build(the stand is very hard and feels solid), since it is so hard it provides all the protection I need, Versatility(the case can be put into any position you could expect from a folio case), It looks great the circle cut out shows off the apple logo and looks classy, The Ipad clips into instead of sliding into a sleeve it shows off the color and design of the ipad and feels better than having it inside a case, all ports and buttons are easily accessible.

    Cons The security strap seems like it might wear out with time, the case smells like death, it adds some bulk to the ipad, doesn't turn of the ipad when you close it, and my wife keeps eye balling it.

    I bought a zagg full body for my wife and a bodyguardz for my ipad. The zagg fits good but it is very rubbery feeling. The bodyguardz gives the ipad a gloss look and feels smooth to the touch. It also covers more of the ipad than the zagg does. The thickness feels about the same. I prefer the bodyguardz but some pople might like the rubbery feel of the zagg.

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    Thinking about getting this one myself. I was wondering how the case works while having the ipad on your lap? Pretty comfy? What direction do you normally have it when you have it on your lap?
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    I will confirm that this is a great case. I bought both this and the Targus Vuscape to have a direct comparison.

    Here are my pros and cons for each.

    Targus 360:
    -Looks great
    -very stable
    -great protection for the ipad
    -Smells awful (but goes away)
    -Uses an elastic to hold it closed = awkward
    -The swivel mechanism adds a little bulk and leaves the apple logo exposed.

    Targus Vuscape:
    -Thin and elegant
    -very stable
    -pretty good ipad protection
    -case snaps closed and stays closed.
    -$20 cheaper
    -Smells awful like the 360 only not as strong
    -with the cover flipped all the way back, the ipad slides down a little bit.

    While both cases are excellent, I chose the Vuscape for it's thinness and price over the 360. The 360's ability to rotate was not important to me.

    My wife basically came to the same conclusion for her ipad as well.
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    Pretty comfortable actually

    I also have this case (couldn't wait for the Portenzo and had to use the iPad 2 on a weekend trip). I used it on my lap, on a desk, on the bed, holding it sitting in a couch, etc. and it is very comfortable is so many different settings and configurations. I was VERY surprised. I had planned to return it and still pick up the Portenzo or Octavo, but I actually decided to keep the Targus. And I have gotten so many compliments on it. I must have had my heart set on the moleskin type of case so much that I failed to appreciate how good the Targus actually looks.

    The smell went away. It was pretty strong the first couple of days. Also, I added a Skinomi skin on the back of the iPad and one of their screen protectors and they look great and don't interfere with the Targus.

    One more thing. I was really looking forward to the Portenzo and Octavo for the smart-cover functionality with the magnets. So I got a magnet strip (with the adhesive tape on one end) and put it on the Targus and bam: my Targus now locks/unlocks my iPad 2 when I clock/open the cover.

    I can try to post pictures if you all want to see.

    I highly recommend the Targus after almost a week of usage now.
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    I was very excited about the Targus 360 case, and in fact had one sitting on my kitchen table before the iPad 2 was even released. However, I found the portrait mode (the main reason I wanted the case) to be marginally useful at best. If you so much as touch the ipad--like swiping to the next page of The Daily--the whole thing collapses.

    So I reluctantly returned it last week, and now I'm looking for a suitable replacement. Current contenders are Smart Cover + Compass stand, or the Powis iCase.
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    I have this one. The smell is borderline dealbreaker. I'm going to keep it for a few more days to see if it dissipates.

    I like it because you can rest it on your lap easily
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    Its actually not to bulky it only looks that way when closed.
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    I want to like this Targus case but.....

    I purchased this case before my iPad 2 made it to my house. I want to like it, but here is my review:

    1. I like the look and feel, does not feel to bulky. Feels like it would be protective.
    2. Smells bad, but dissapates
    3. Rotate is not easy. The plastic part that turns is very tight and tends to bend/twist the actual case. You have to hold the entire thing in your lap, hold it tight and then twist the iPad with your other hand.
    4. the grooves are not deep enough, the plastic backing slips out of the grooves easily. You cannot play games when sitting up horizontally or vertically in the grooves. 1 push of your finger and it falls flat.
    5. Vertical is not a good thing. The ipad feels "Top Heavy" and falls backwards.
    6. The 2 raised areas where the grooves are leave to lines down the front of your screen when you open it.

    So, really....I don't like this case. I want to like it, the style is great, but...it does not do what is advertised. If you want to flip it open, sit it up horizontally and just watch a movie without touching it. Go for it! no games though.

    Hope this helps!
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    Had my 360 a week now and love it...wish I'd seen this though, I paid $60 at BB.

    Been tempted to return the 360 anyway, in favor of the Switcheasy canvas, it does everything the 360 does, plus sleep wake and clips shut without using a bungee, and cheaper than the $60 price.

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