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Reviews of the G4 Ibook 12inch 1.2GHz

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by Myradon, Feb 27, 2005.

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    Hello, I'm Myradon, a fellow from Canada, looking to switch from micro$oft type systems to Mac. I've had some experience with Linux, but I've never used a Mac before. I would go with a Linux laptop, but there is only one retailer. Anyways, this is the system I ended up eyeballing. It looks to be in my price range, and all I need is a laptop/notebook that can handle word-processing and some web browsing chores. I will ussualy run my word-processor or art program, and a media (mp3) program.

    Has anyone, students in particular used this system?
    Can any one offer advice on weather this would be a good entry level system for a new Mac user?
    What is the battery life like?
    Is the platform as stable as people say?
    Finaly I noted on the web page that the system comes with only 256 ram, I would be upgrading to at least 512, is that an upgrade I could make myself without voiding the warrenty?
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    This system would be perfect for the things you want to do.

    Battery life is very good.
    Yes, it is extremely stable.
    And yes, 512 would be good, and it is easy to install yourself.

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    Hello from a fellow Canadian!

    I have dabbled in linux but OS X (the apple OS) is WAY better. Much more compatable and just as stable and secure. As is happens I own that exact system and I can tell you I have no problem having 4-8 applications running at one time. Just make sure you set you processor to highest performance (we can tell you about this when you make your purchase) and make sure you have a MINIMUM of 512MB of RAM.

    I am student and I can tell you that the 12" ibook is great, super protable and can connect to any network (wired or wireless). Highly recommended entry level system.

    Kick ass! If I adjust my settings right I can get 5 - 6 hours. That is much better than I have ever seen on any laptop.


    Yes, it will not void you warranty. but I would say right now the sweet spot is at 768MB (256 + 512).

    You are welcome
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    hey there. i have an ibook G3 so not quite what you're looking at but still i though it was worth giving my opinion on.

    1. i am a high school student and use my ibook for writing essays, reports, email, internet, music, photos and it works great.
    2. well my G3 works great so it'd think the G4 would be even better and a good first mac to own.
    3. battery life on my friend's ibook G4 is about 4 hours
    4. I've only ever had one kernel panic (needed to force restart) in the half a year that i've owned my ibook :D
    5. be sure to get good third party ram. i'm not sure which make though - someone else will probably tell you that. the ram can be added without voiding your warranty. it's really easy too. flip back the keyboard, take out the AE card if you have one, unsrew to srews and there you are :)
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    Thanks for the information. it seems that I will be moving to a mac as soon as my student loan or tax refund come through. I appreciate the quick responces, and I look forward to interacting with you folks on the forums. Thanks again :)
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    Going down the list of your questions...
    1) Yes. I am a student and I own a 12" iBook G4 1.2 GHz.
    2) It is a solid entry-level Mac laptop.
    3) I can get anywhere from 3 1/2-4 hours, maybe a little more.
    4) Stable as advertised.
    5) Yes. Adding RAM will not void the warranty. Add a little extra RAM and the iBook will love you a lot. :)

    EDIT: and I see you've already been helped. Reading the whole thread is a good thing; I should try it some time. :p
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    Everything all others have said, but if you can afford a gig of RAM, do it.
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    Is 1.25 gigs of RAM really necessary? I am looking at one of these and everyone that I have talked to have said that 768 is plenty...
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    I have 768 in mine - it was all I could afford at the time, and yeah, for normal stuff it works fine.

    Garageband, Photoshop, iMovie, FCP?

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    i tend to agree with igary on this. my 640MB too little to do anything major with photoshop. however, 768 should be fine for most usage.
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    Let's put it this way - I mainly use this thing on the road for my photography. I'm trying to justify the 1 gig stick...If you can afford it, do it.

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