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Revival of Macintosh Quadra name?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wrldwzrd89, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Let's say that sometime in the future, Apple releases a quad-CPU Mac (whether multiple cores are part of the quad CPU setup is irrelevant). Do you think Apple will revive the Quadra name for these Macs?
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    Les Kern

    The Quadra series had some fine models, no doubt. But let's just leave that uneven and very beige history on the shelf and move forward.
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    Anyone have a better idea for what name to assign to the first quad-CPU Mac?
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    I sincerely hope not! All of those code-names bring back a hint of the beige type computers that Apple was using in the early 90's. Someone in the marketing section of Apple will give it a cool name like -G5 squared or the like. The old names have died a horrible death.
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    besides, i think the only thing quad about the quadra was the "4" in 68040
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    Well since apple's first quad machine will probly be (as steve jobs would call it) a Dual Dual-core powermac I say we call it the q-mac....
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    Dual dual-core powermac... *drools*
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    Thought I'd have a go lol.
    4th Apple Dimension
    FourPlay (A gaming specific apple giving 600fps on Doom 3 but still some MacRumors readers complain wanting more)
    10G (4x2.5) aka "the heater"
    4G (Based on the fact our phones will still be on 3G)

    On second thoughts back to my day job. Fun though
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    "Quadwrangle" is my favorite of the names you listed.

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