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Revive my G5...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Huntn, Aug 31, 2010.

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    My 1.8 G5 tower is a beautiful well designed computer, almost a piece of art. It's too bad that it's about at the end of it's life and it's really too bad I can't stick new intel guts in it and update it with Snow Leopard.

    Is that possible? (wishful thinking) ;)

    I did find this thread from about a year to six months ago. I guess no... :(
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    Yeah mate, it's possible if your handy enough.:apple:
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    Then the question is would it cost about the same as buying a new MacPro? and would it be a Hackintosh? :)
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    its a hackintosh

    this is what I have done: dead PowerMac G5
    replaced motherboard, cpu, memory, video card, power supply.

    its not hard to do and it was the only cost effective option for my G5. pictures taken before I installed the fans.
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    I would be cool to use the original case fans with a fan controller so they wouldn't run at take-off velocity all the time.
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    I am working on just that, I have the original fans and will add the front ones back in. the back fans are to loud for me so I cut out the back for a 120mm fan
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    What kind of a Mac are you guys building? What in the hardware tells the computer it's a Mac vs a PC, anything?
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  9. 1o2
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    have you finish it successful? how does it running?

    Can you list the materials in other to hackintosh. Because i want to try it.

    Post more pictures of it if you can.
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    if your thinking of making a hacking tosh outa that awesome dual G5, your nuts. Sell it to someone who can use it, then grab a dead G5 from ebay and depeneding on how thourough a job you wanna do, do a search on google for "hackingtosh inside G5 case" you find plenty to look at.

    are you handy with a hacksaw? or dremel? if not, i wouldent not suggest this being the first box that your looking at modding, cos its quite invloved. Notice the previous poster has removed most of the back pane, and installed a normal pc backpane...

    id suggest trying to build a hackingtosh- hardware only (outside of a case) first and then if you like it AND you can get it running, then go ahead with the build.
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    I am very handy with tools. I will not Hack it out of my G5 Quad lol. of course i will get a dead to try. Im curious and want to try it.
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    mine is setup to dual boot OS X and Windows 7, I have two 64GB SSD drives for each OS. For OS X I used Kakewalk boot with retail DVD bought from the Apple store.
    Specs are.
    Gigabyte Motherboard EP 45-UD3L
    Intel CPU Q9400 OC 3.0Ghz quad core.
    Memory 8GB 1066Mhz DDR2
    Video GeForce 9800GT 512 ram
    Two 64gb SSD drives
    ASUS DVD burner
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    Take a look at the link in that post, I have a bunch of pictures of it. Basically I purchased a motherboard tray, cut out the back of the case to fit the mobo tray backing, then put the parts in. It was fairly simple, it just requires some measuring.

    The hardest part was getting the power button and USB port on the front to work, that required some trial and error and wire soldering. But it works perfectly, is silent but stays cool with only the CPU fan, and runs StarCraft 2 like a boss.

    I have 2 more G5's that I may also mod, probably each into i7 machines.

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