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RIAA continues suing consumers.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MrMacMan, Jul 23, 2003.

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    TechTV's article has USERNAMES listed in the lawsuits

    Look even though I feel this is wrong why make is so public?

    BTW there are like 10 thousand 'www.k_lite.tk_Kazaa_Lite@Kazaa' usernames... :rolleyes:

    They are Harassing users by suing then instead they can alteast trying to show users the legal ways of buying music and by LOWERING THE PRICE OF CD's!

    Comeone, its not brain surgery RIAA!
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    the RIAA is living in a past time, their industry and economic base have shifted totally and they cannot adjust to the times. It's just never going to be the way they want it, with consumers spending way too much to buy music, when they can get it for free... this is just another feeble attempt and scaring people... after the first one, when traffic supposedly temporarily dropped, no one is paying attention to these suits...

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    im getting SICK of this *****!!

    i didnt ever DL a ton of music.....mostly dance remixes that you cant go out and buy anyway. NOW, i'm so annoyed with the RIAA i wont even pay to DL, i will just borrow and rip CDs from people! i hate not supporting some of my favorite artists by buying a CD, but thats just too bad. Im now resigned to not do anything that will put on cent in the RIAAs pocket. :mad:
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    I don't get how lawsuits are going to help them at all and how them getting $$$ from consumers is going to help them anymore.

    meh, they are the dumb.
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    Exactly. If they were really worried about money, they would drop a couple hundred thousand dollars promoting one of the online music services, making it attractive for people, then cutting production drastically to reduce those costs. The number of people who could use online services rather than buying hard copies is worth it. But the RIAA clings to an old ideology and refuses to admit they're wrong because of stubbornness... so i don't feel sorry for 'em.

    Hopefully this whole mess will encourage artists to realize what a scam the RIAA is, and take matters into their own hands...

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    it's a terrible situation. you can't threaten people with multimillion dollar lawsuits and then expect them to come running back to your old-world view of the global music scene. it just can't work that way. you can only kick a dog so many times before it stop coming back to you.....

    They should really come to grips with the fact that the technology ship has sailed and they need to play catch up.
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    If I'm Canadian, and I'm using Kazaalite on my PC, can I be sued? I thought Kazaalite used a different network/pool of songs separate from the original Kazaa.

    Its funny how a company like Sony is part of the RIAA, and yet they produce their own blank CD's and CD burners.

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    omg i cannot describe what i was going through as i scrolled that list, seaching for my kazaa name. btw i always used kazaa-lite, i dont like condom ads every 5 seconds....

    and in case u didnt figure it out, i am not on the list--pheww :)
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    Yes but, we are not talking about dogs, we are alking about people. People will let you kick them over and over again as long as you have something they want.
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    Um ... no.

    KaZaA and KaZaA-Lite both use the FastTrack Network = Same network.

    The RIAA probably wouldn't sue you because they have yet to gain a favorable court to let them sue Canadians.

    right now only the US of A is being screwed.

    Tazo -- I'm glad your not on the list.

    IMO each of the networks should block the last 3 numbers in your IP address to help your safety, I mean there aer only like what 512 different IP's there could be, but it would slow the RIAA don't alot, by forcing them to hunt for users.
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    Well, its not like these people downloading these songs are criminals, for the most part they are just harmless people.

    I'm not sure these are going to hold up in court or not.
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    I think all CD buyers should stop buying CDs until the record companies stop suing.
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    should I be scared and never DL now?
    Is limewire subjected to this?
  14. Das
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    Finally, they put an end to Jessica and her evil deeds. A pox on Jessica@Kazaa, the most evil thief in the world! A POX!
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    i think what they should do is sue 1 teenager from every high school in america. that way everyone knows someone who got screwed over. i know it would scare me.

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    Laslo Panaflex

    From what I read the RIAA is only targeting users that are sharing files, not users that are downloading. So if you use Kazaalite just disable downloading from your computer and you will not be sued. Of course, this could be what the RIAA is after, forcing everyone to stop sharing, hence no files to download.

    So if you aren't sharing your files, you will not get sued.

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    Seriously. If your stupid enough to share 10,000 copyrighted songs from your home computer then you deserve to be sued.

    The casual users of this service will not be touched by this.

    Now whether or not there should be some kind of law that puts you in jail is ridiculous. If the RIAA or the record companies can prove you stole the music and distributed it to others illegally then i see no reason why they can't sue you.

    I don't see too many people crying about the guy who distributed the "Hulk" movie. All the comments i hear are how stupid he was for copying and distributing it. The same laws that are in place for that movie are in place for an individual song. Just because it is easier to copy a song doesn't make it right. :p
  18. zim
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    The way it looks to me is that the RIAA is out to shut down Kazaa without going after Kazaa. I bet they looked back at the Napster lawsuits and realized that hey we can get more money if we go after the people instead of the company that makes the application.

    The next big thing will be that we find out that the top executives developed Kazaa in hopes that young kids and naive adults will share music making them millions.

    Yes, Jesse may have ben foolish but at least she had support

    "Thanks to the many donors, I have exceeded my goal by $5.67!

    As of 11:25pm EDT on 6/22/03,
    I have received
    of your generous donations.
    Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank You!

    -- Jesse Jorda"

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    The RIAA will die soon. It's just a question of how and when. It will either go out with a bang, whereby a nation-wide boycott of CD's is staged, or with a fizzle, where it is eventually reduced to irrelevance by pay-per-download music services such as the iTMS.

    Personally, I wanna see the bang, but I suspect the fizzle will likely happen instead.

    The other thing I can't wait to see is the RIAA suing someone in error, and the subsequent countersuit for harassment drain them for all they're worth.
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    do you have a story on than that. i would love to read about this guy who distributed the hulk.

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    They handed his ass on a platter.

    When you distribute stuff you never give your identity, or proclaim you did it, moron.
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    Sun Baked

    RIAA is really offering a bunch of nice quotes, even better quotes now that the people on the RIAA's list are coming forward.

    Though I wonder how much money companies like BayTSP are going to get for tracking down a lot of these people for their clients.
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    how do you know, they said he doesnt go to trial until september. are you assuming, because if you are im right up there with you, he will definently get his ass handed to him. and that ad agency guy will probably get fired as well.

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    So am i man....so am i :(

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