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Ricky Ponting Cricket or Brian Lara 2007 XBOX 360

Discussion in 'Games' started by gadgetgirl85, Mar 23, 2007.

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    I heard it came out in a few places today. Has anyone played it and what do they think?
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    They make cricket games?
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    Yeah actually do, but we don't see it in the States.
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    Ricky Ponting - definitely. Lara's an old has-been (a very good old has been) who doesn't want to play anymore but isn't allowed to retire until West Indies cricket is back on track.

    And yes they make cricket games, damned good cricket games. Have for many, many years right back to the PS1.
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    Oh brilliant! It's been years since I played a good cricket game. Have to get my bro out hunting for it :)
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    I wonder if I get a imported Cricket game will it work on my North America 360?
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    This is going to be such a pickle whether to buy this or Virtua Tennis :(

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