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    Good for him.

    I realized that the our tight-ass, anal North American society isn't the only way it works when I travelled around, not even when I went to "western countries" outside of North America, and I was lucky enough to be younger than 27 when I realized this.
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    Who cares really, unless you're from Miami or your fantasy league has already drafted. :)
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    well at 27 he has more money than 99.9 percent of us will have will a lifetime of working...sure, it's a little early but like the article mentions, many in his position opted out early

    kickers, who don't take the same physical abuse, last longer and often play well into their late 30s

    ricky still has some life left in him and i wouldn't be surprised if he came out of retirement and did another few seasons with the nfl...he certainly can take an announcer job, if he gets over his social anxiety disorder

    i have a teacher friend who didn't achieve his full tenured position due to the disorder...what normally takes 36 months for his school and the average professor took him 17 years to reach because he just never felt comfortable out of his house and around other people...you could tell that even when he speaks to one person, besides his wife, he is in an extreme state of torture

    it's a quirky disease, and it doesn't make rational sense, but it's very real and documented...perhaps it could have contributed to him leaving the limelight of the national press

    even though he did not play for any of the teams i rooted for, any california team, i still realized that he was a major talent...i wish the best for him whatever he decides to do with his life...even if he ran through/over raiders, chargers, and 49ers like they were high school defenders ;)
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    maybe he'll come back when they legalize marijuana in the NFL...
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    [snicker] Squish the Fish!
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    The only bad thing I can see about it is the timing. He has ever right to retire, b ut doing it one week before training camp is a pretty crappy move.

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    I had never heard of Ricky Williams until the announcement on our local sports last evening. I agree that he has more money than 99.9% of us. Wonder what his second career will be about. Will it be humanitarian or money?
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    As Whigga Spitta alluded to, I'm sure Rickardo will spend some "quaility time" with his favorite vegatable and glassware.
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    I always liked him... good for him! Life's too short to be unhappy.
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    I wish I had Ricky Williams money, I would like to be able to retire in 4 years. I can understand why he would want to opt out of the NFL a little earlier than most, it's a tough sport, you are under constant physical abuse. That plus those drug tests are seriously interferring with his social life.

    It's been a very exciting off-season in the NFL, this is kind of the icing on the cake. I would have to say that Ricky's timing could not have been worse though, talk about leaving your team high and dry. It's ok, I'm an Eagles fan anyway. (I've had plenty of exciting news to read about this year)
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    my thoughts exactly hre didnt even notify the team until friday and if he had been planning this u think he would have started at least aweek or two earlier at least then he would have given enough respect to his team to allow them a chance and a good rb and a shot at the season
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    Strange dude, very strange... Guy can't give up the chronic now, even for millions & millions of dollars... He doesn't have as much money as people think... His first contract was very poor by todays standards (due to another strange decision from Ricky regarding his choice of agents), he'll be back when he gets sick of riding elephants & getting smoked up in Asia...
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    i will make a guess that he has more than anyone who has posted on this thread ;)

    but he certainly has not made the bucks that someone like #22 has running the ball 4 or 5 yards a shot
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    Although I'm sad to see him go (I think he had more than a few good years left in him) and kinda pissed that he walked out on his team so close to the start of the season I wish him the best. I hope this wasn't a rash decission on his part and that he finds the happiness off the field that he's looking for.

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    Interesting... If true, I'll be at the same university as him :cool:


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