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Ringtones on iPhone 3G

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by LotuSviLLe, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Ok I have a problem with Apple asking everyone to pay $1.98 for to get one ringtone on the iPhone 3G. My question is, can you set a song in the iPhone itself from ones music library to be a ringtone? If not, I am sure there is a way around this and I was wondering if anyone out there knew how to get ringtones on the iPhone for free.

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    What if I'm on PC and cannot use GarageBand. ;[

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    1) get quicktime pro
    2) open the song from itunes in quicktime
    3) trim song to whatever you want
    4) export as "song.m4r" (the "song" part being whatever you want to title it)
    5) enjoy your new ringtone
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    Apologies. You didn't state that, otherwise I would have said exactly what ^ said. :)
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    Thanks for the help guys. I ended up using an m4a to mp3 converter, Audacity, and iTunes to get the ringtones working. Good stuff.
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    for those on a PC....
    iRinger is the easiest thing I found. Makes ringtones from MP3's and automatically puts them in your ringtones folder in iTunes.
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    You shouldn't need anything other than iTunes.

    1. In iTunes, right-click the song you want, go to 'Get Info' and change the start and end points so it's 30 seconds in length.
    2. Right-click the song again, 'convert selection to AAC'.
    3. Find this new file or drag it from iTunes to your desktop.
    4. Rename the file extension from .m4a to .m4r.
    5. Import it back into iTunes and it will appear as a ringtone. Tada!

    I don't think this works with protected songs downloaded from the iTunes store, but should work with all others.
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    I picked up a 3G iPhone today and I made a ringtone, but it doesn't show on my list. ITunes shows the ringtone and it even shows in the ringtones folder in iTunes on the device, but when I go to the phone and look for the ringtone, it's not there. I've tried syncing, re-syncing, deleting everything and syncing again, but nothing works. Did Apple change how ringtones are handled? Will it only allow ringtones purchased from the Apple store now?

    By the way, I don't have GarageBand 4, so I can't make a ringtone there, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I came onto this post becase I myself have just purchased a 3g iPhone today. This system did work for me (as Still24 posted). It could be that you haven't told iTunes to sync your ringtones to your device. While in iTunes with your iPhone plugged in, do the following:

    Click your iPhone under the devices tree on the left side of the iTunes menu
    Click the tab at the top of the iPhone menu that reads "Ringtones"
    Put a checkmark in the option "Sync Ringtones"
    and then choose which ones you want to transfer or all of them at once.

    I have just done this today on my 3g iPhone with iTunes with no errors. After this your phone syncs, go to your "Settings" menu on the iPhone, choose "Sounds", and then finally "Ringtones". It should now be listed as a "Custom Ringtone".

    Hope I could be of some help...
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    maybe I am just slow, but I am using vista and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do step number 4...chaning the file extenstion, i go to properties and see that it is mpeg but can't change it...what do i need to do?

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    For step 4, on Vista, open the folder containing the song you want to change. At the top left of the folder click the 'Organize' tab and click 'Folder and Search Options'. Then on the 'View' tab, uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types' and apply. Then all your files will end in a .jpg or .m4a or something. You can just rename the .m4a to .m4r. You'll get a warning that it might make a file unreadable, but it's okay. Once you've changed it to .m4r just reimport it into iTunes. Sorry, I should have made that clearer. :p
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    Hi, I've tried this, several times....and it just does not appear under Ringtones in iTunes. Can anyone please help!?!?!?!?
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    Is it possible to use ringtones I've made as Sms ringtones?
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    Worked GREAT!! Thank you very much!
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    Same with me. Can anyone help me out with this??
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    Things to try:

    1. Make sure clip is under 30 seconds in length.

    2. Make sure File extensions are not hidden. In Windows, go to "Tools->Folder Options" and select "View" tab. Make sure "Hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked. Retry step 4 that Still24 posted. For Mac, I don't recall the equivalent method, I'll look in my MacBook and post the steps.

    3. Once renamed to .m4r, double click on the file and iTunes should open up and you should see your ringtone in the Ringtone section automatically.
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    i am so excited i have made a ton of ringtones so far. with tmobile sk3 i was paying $3 - $5 for each ringtone i had :(
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    I'm new the the iPhone thing, as the 3G is my first. But I used the ringtone maker in iTunes, bought my ringtone and it does not transfer to the Ringtones area nor does it sync up with my phone. I tried it a few times. Any ideas?
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    I'm having the same problem. What's up with this?
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    Just download iToner for free and use the free trial. It works just fine for me.
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    I'm trying this, but on step 2 where I'm supposed to 'covert selection to AAC', I only have the option to covert to mp3. Is there a setting I need to change to do this?

    I'm using the newest version of iTunes and Windows XP on a Dell PC.


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    Ok, but on iToner, is there a way to not have the entire song as a ringtone?

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