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Rip a DVD as mov

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by maradong, Oct 11, 2003.

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    Hiya all,
    I got a question concerning DVD - ripping.
    First of all I d like to mention that here in Luxembourg you are allowed to make yourself a backup copy. This evoids that people tell me not to do it because of legal reasons. It is just totally legal over here.
    Now, how, or with which tool can I rip a DVD as a *.mov file. i like the idea of the new codecs in Panther, and would really like to rip into the *.mov format right than. It would really help me.
    Of course I m not speaking of ripping to an svcd and converting it to mov. the quality loss is just to important.
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    Okay, first you need to actually rip the video track from the DVD. I advise to get "0SeX" or "OSeX" as it is sometimes spelled.
    I dont know what the current version is, but even my older version works fine on my newer DVDs.
    After that, you obtain a .vob file with video and sound, or optionally an MPEG-2 file .m2v and the sound file .ac3

    There are some free DVD-creation apps on versiontracker, just download a heap of them and look what you can do with it.

    If you use Quicktime Pro, you can purchase the MPEG-2 component to open the m2v file in Quicktime. Then you could simply open the file, decode the AC3 to AAC and add it to the video track. And then... export it to mp4, for example. Voila, a DVD converted to .mov :)

    Happy with that? Questions?
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    ok getting it at the moment
    i got quicktime pro as my father thought it was extremely important. never used it s features thought :/
    do i have to buy that mpeg-2 stuff seperatly ?

    oh yes. i searched for a while now a tool allowing me to convert the vob ( 4.x gig ) to a mov. but i dont really know for what to search.
    got more information?
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    forty-two off the top of my head. (that's what it's called)
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    The mpeg-2 component is at the same price as Quicktime Pro, IIRC. 20 $?
    It is really convenient and worth its price...
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    there is an open source app called OpenShiva that works pretty well at converting .vob files to .mp4

    there can sometime be sync problems, but Quicktime comes in pretty useful for that.

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