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Rip (even encoded) DVDs to 5G iPod format on PPC or Intel Ma...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 25, 2006.

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    even encoded??? I think that is supposed to be "encrypted", because EVERY DVD is encoded into MPEG-2
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    Urge to get 5G iPod...Rising!!
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    I was absolutly asulted on a message board for asking for a way to rip DVDs to MPEG. THeir reason was that i was breaking a law by ripping content that is encrypted. Now, how is this product legal?
  5. 24C
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    Got mine :D :D , but H264 encoding is way slooow, so I'm sticking with plain ol' mp4, which is still slow enough.
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    QUick dumb question about handbreak, does it allow you to select portions of a movie to encode? So, say I wanted to rip from 1:23-4:57, will it do that?
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    Try this thread. If that dioesn't answer your question, try posting there (it will more likely be answered).
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    I'd rather have a slower encoding and a better final result. It's H.264 for me! :cool:
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    Same here. Everythign I do is H.264. Including stuff I am in the proccess of doing for my church's webpage.
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    The legality of Handbrake is in limbo. Previous laws (fair use) allow you to retain one "backup copy" of copyrighted material that you own. However, DMCA forbids the creation of any software that strips digital media encryption that protects copyrights, etc. I've heard that that does not extend to owning the software once it is created. Absurd I know, but possibly a loophole.

    Therefore, the creation of handbrake is illegal, but downloading the binary version of it and using it to create 1 backup copy of your movies (or perhaps to create one .H264 version for an iPod) is not.

    Really, my take on this whole mumbo-jumbo is how you use it. If you start definitely engaging in piracy, where you rent a movie and then rip it using handbrake and then return it, you are SOL when the movie industry comes after you. But you can most likely have a clear conscience if you are just using it for backups, or to make an iPod-version, but not to spread copies around to friends or whatever.

    Anyone else have real info on where handbrake lies in the legal realm?

    DMCA: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf
    Proposed amendment for DMCA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMCRA
    Fair Use: http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html
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    Great Little App

    I've used HandBrake for over a month now.

    It's a nice app and it works really well. It does take some tweaking to get the results you want. And on my eMac it's a bit slow ripping video from a DVD. But it's great to finally be able to rip DVDs.

    If I own a DVD, I don't think it's anybody's business if I rip the content to save on my computer's hard drive or iPod or to make backup copies. Selling bootleg copies is of course another matter altogether and is understandably illegal.

    One thing I wish HandBrake could do is to rip DVD-Audio tracks, but thus far they don't seem to be interested in providing that capability.
  12. 24C
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    Same here, but it's only for an iPod! :confused: and on 5G iPod screen it's not even relevant. It's still way slow either way and yep I know you can queue the stuff, so it's working while you sleep, but I'll wait until the H.264 encoding is speeded up. In the meantime I am happy with my results to date.:D
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    You do know that you can watch H.264 encoded movies in QuickTime right? Why create two versions (lo res and hi res) if the iPod can play it anyway? H.264 rules.
  14. 24C
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    I do keep two versions, one same size as source only smaller in hard drive space than the dvd (I own), and another much smaller version for the iPod for when I am working away.
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    Amen. H.264 all the way :D
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    MacTheRipper and HandBrake

    I checked out dops7107 link and that article described another freeware app named MacTheRipper.

    MacTheRipper also will rip a DVD, but doesn't create an executable like HandBrake does. But one additional thing it does is to actually rip DVD-Audio discs which is what I'm looking for. HandBrake can then use that extracted folder to create an executable that iTunes or the iPod can recognize.

    Here is a download link for MacTheRipper

    CORRECTION: HandBrake will NOT work on even the extractd files of a DVD-Audio disc.
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    AJ Muni

    Does this eliminate the use of MTR first, and then to Handbrake???
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    That's exactly my thought. i dont pirate music or video. It's for my own use.
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    QUick hypothetical (this is totally off the topic of handbreak, but applies to the legality of it)...
    A lot of people are begging for a MacMedia Center. What it Apple found someway to include in FrontRow a way to rip DVD BUT encode them with FairPlay so they will ONLY play on the MediaCenter or a single iPod? That should get Movie companies off their back.
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    Well, I don't own a 5G iPod, I encode my DVDs to be prepared for any "Apple Media Box" that might come in a near future. I keep the movies at 720x400 (or whatever native resolution) and set the Quality to 60.

    Even if there's no "Apple Media Box" in the future, I'll buy the next version of the Mac mini (Intel), so my current one may end up being my movies jukebox.
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    I only use Handbrake to convert my DVDs to H.264 files.
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    My sister gave me a set of DVDs for xmas, but they are from the UK, and consequently Region 2.

    What I'd like to be able to do is rip them and re-burn them to discs that I can play in a DVD player (preferably, without using up two of the 5 allowed region changes in my drive's firmware).

    The last time I looked at HandBreak, it looked like it allowed ripping to MPEG-4, but I don't know how to get this onto a playable DVD. Also, I don't know if HandBreak will let me rip the contents of a UK DVD without changing the region code of my drive.

    If anyone can advise me on this, I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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    Handbrake isn't a DVD-copy program. It converts DVD data to another file format (MPEG-4, H.264).

    You should look into MacTheRipper instead. However, you should be aware of the potential NTSC vs PAL problem (along with the resolution difference, if any).
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    I was gonna say, this subject sounds somewhat familiar... :)

    And for anyone who's curious, using Mac the Ripper AND Handbrake together gives better results than Handbrake alone. Mac the Ripper is better at extracting DVD contents from DVDs than Handbrake is. Trust me on this.
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    Everyone seems to be ripping their dvds to the iPod resolution..

    Doesn't anyone want to do it greater than?? you know the iPod does hook up to a tv with standard video out cable (You have to switch the red and yellow around though)

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