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Rip Those Macs Open

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Kirkle, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Shortly after the release of the 21.5" iMac these forums, and other corners of the internet, were a flutter with "teardown" images. Have no machines ended up in the hands of those people who are, no doubt, eager to tear them open and have a look inside?

    It seems like the 27" has had a more clandestine release than its little brother: some people are getting them, some aren't. Currently, the Apple site says that iMacs aren't shipping until January; rather than an offical release, the iMac seems to be trickling out.

    There is nothing wrong with people being made to wait for a product (it builds character ;)), but I know that many people are still on the fence about buying a new iMac due to concerns about the details of the 27-incher's internals.

    Will it be easier to replace the HDD in a 27" than in a 21.5"? Is there extra room for an additional drive somewhere? Will OWC find some way to drill an eSATA port into this machine as well?

    I would certainly like to see some "teardown" porn featuring this machine, and I imagine that I am not alone. Hopefully, one of these lucky early recipients has a penchant for deconstruction and a camera close by.
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    I really expect to see some photos from somewhere in the world by sunday of a tear down.

    How ever monday when ours arrive.. We will be doing a SSd replacement on both of them.

    We will be armed with SLR, GO PRO and will be documenting the whole thing.

    Will be sure to post results asap monday afternoon.
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    That's great news! I look forward to seeing your work.
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    I think that with the 21.5" they were available to pick up in store on the release day, whereas with the 27" they have started trickling out to early purchasers but aren't necessarily in stock at many stores.

    Once iFixit gets their hands on one I'm sure they'll get out the heat guns and start posting pictures.
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    Let the pros teardown their machines. I wouldn't drop $2k-$3k on a machine and rip the ****er open the day I get it.
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    Also, the 21.5" didn't have user upgradable RAM. That might have contributed to more people opening them. Though, I agree, they were also much easier to get your hands on than the 27".
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    Can't wait mate!
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    I'm sure iFixit will hook us up. I'm not quite curious enough to blow my own green...
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    Not the way these need to be ripped open. I opened my Pismo PowerBook before I ever turned it on, to upgrade the RAM, but that only involved turning a lock at the top of the keyboard and pulling back two tabs. Then unscrewing the RAM cover. Easy, just like the RAM on the 27" will be. I have no interest in breaking open my iMac, and I have dissected plenty of computers. Some with the help of iFixIt.
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    I messaged Ifixit and they said they havn't even ordered the 27 :(

    the guys i work with has done imacs before when they used to be glued.
    we also know someone who does apple repairs (registered) that can take care of any warranty issues if require hopefully not though.

    we have two we are doing. and doing my friends first haha

    plus we only removing screen and changing HDD not like we tearing the whole thing apart.
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    I mean you don't have to take the mac all apart, it's enough to have a look inside, see the SATA connectors, HDD size, maybe some pictures of the fan system/cpu, the GPU....
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    I'm in the process of taking mine apart.

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    I see that you bought the base model from Best Buy. Can you find if it will take a SSD in addition to the HDD?
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    Yeah, im going to take the logic board out later today. I'm currently trying to install an ssd in place of the 3.5" HD to see what happens with the fan speed.
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    Let us know how the screen re-installation goes. I am curious how well the screen can get taped back into place after being taken out. Also which type of tape you use. Thanks!
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    Cheers for the pics, good help.
    Going to order mine soon when I get home for Christmas, first thing I'm doing after a quick boot check is tearing that bad boy apart and throwing a 512GB SSD in there.

    Keep is posted :)
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    To R.OG

    Thanks for the pictures, they look great!


    As for everyone else saying, "I'm not wasting my money": clearly you should not open the machine if you do not know what you are doing in opening the machine. The title of this thread is more a joke than it is a command. I'm sure there are plenty of people who plan on opening their 27" iMacs, I'm just a little surprised that iFixit (et al) aren't chomping at the bit to the be the first with teardown pics.
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    I posted about the adhesive tape on this thread. I have not found the exact tape apple used so im using 3m 4926 vhb tape. OWC just released a memory upgrade kit for the 21.5" which includes foam tape, i really what to know what kind of tape they are using.
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    From the pictures, it looks as though replacing the HDD would be a snap (other than removing the screen, of course). I wonder if it is really as simple as it seems though... :confused:
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    The HD was really easy to remove but you have to unscrew the left speaker to remove the HD mount screw.
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    Doesn't sound too bad. Are you planning on just replacing the HDD with an SSD and then firing it up, or are you planning on being more adventurous? :D

    Replacing the HDD is probably the number one reason that people will open these machines.

    EDIT: Wait, really? the speaker? It seems like I heard something like this mentioned with the 21.5" as well, but it really doesn't look like the speaker is anywhere near the hard drive. What an odd placement for the mounting screw...
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    I plan on taking the entire thing apart. I would like to run it with dual SSDs (Blade SSD and 2.5" Samsung SSD). The 2.5" ssd has been running for 30 minutes without the fan running at max speed.

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    Can I ask what enclosure/bracket it is you are using?

    I'm planning on doing the same thing (2.5" SSD for OSX and a blade for Windows) and these are all very helpful shots.
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    Its an icy dock 2.5in to 3.5in SSD and SATA Hard Drive Converter. I used it on my mac pro to install an ssd.

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