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Ripped Disney movies won't transfer to iPod

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Bozley0621, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I ripped about 150+ movies using Rip It and Handbrake. I use the universal setting in handbrake. My Disney DVDs rip and play fine on the Apple TV 2, but they won't transfer to my iPod. All other movies play fine on both devices though and transfer to the iPod without any hiccups.

    Has anyone else had this experience?
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    Which ipod?

    and which disney movies? I know a few have a weird resolution and maybe that's causing some whackiness?
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    They are to big. Re rip using the correct iPod settings. Yeah, it stinks having two copies but haven't found a better way. But, if you buy your movies from iTunes, they work in most. Don't think it will play on the classic but not sure since I haven't tried it.
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    I've also had a few issues with movies and transferring them to my son's iPod Touch. I ended up having to rip certain ones using the iPhone preset in Handbrake. I add "- iPhone" to the end of the movie title to make sure it is clearly denoted as such.
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    If I'm encoding from a Blu Ray rip, I always make two copies: one for my ATVs and one for my iPhone. The second encode takes very little time, and a little trickery with tagging gets iTunes to handle both versions as one movie.
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    +1 this is exactly what I do. I use SUBLER to edit the tags and itunes treats both files as just a single library entry with a HD/SD tag.
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    Bingo! I tag the movie using Meta X, then use Subler to add the ContentID to both files and an HD tag to the ATV version, and finally drag 'n' drop both onto iTunes. It's a little irritating having to use two applications to tag the movie, but I prefer Meta X's interface and wish it would be able to at the cnID and HD tags.
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    I've had the same issue with movies on different devices. We have an original iPod touch, 2 iPhone 4, and an original AppleTV. I've had to settle with having 2 copies of movies we want to share on all devices, distinguished by having iPod in the name to tell which version is for what.

    how can I do like what you describe so I only show 1 movie in iTunes, but have it play on morioka devices?
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    I do the same thing Rayward does. Get yourself a copy of Subler and set the cnID to the same number in both files (I started out at 1000 and then just go up from there) Does not matter what the number is, just has to be the same. Also select HD for the larger file. Then just drag both files into itunes.
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    If you have a iphone 4 there is really no need to encode 2 movies. Just encode the movie with the ATV2 setting and in Subler set the profile of the movie to 3.1. This will fool itunes and allow the movie to sync.

    The ATV2 and the iphone 4 have the same chipset - anything playable on the ATV is playable on the iphone (at least from what I've found). Sure 720P is overkill for the phone, but it makes things a lot easier...
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    If you are OCD about such things, you can get iTunes' actual cnID and use that instead of making your own ID system. The advantages of this are: (1) your movie selections will be recognised by the Genius function; and (2) you don't have to worry about using the same number twice by mistake.

    To get the iTunes ID#, got to the iTunes store, search for your movie and, when it shows up in the search results, right/command-click on the movie and select "Copy Link". Then, when in Subler, add the cnID field (now called "contentID") and paste into it the url you just copied. The iTunes ID# is the 7 or 8 digit numeric ID towards the end - it's easy to isolate by deleting the "&" and everything that comes after it; the ID is the number set at the end, after the "=". Delete everything but the ID#, copy it (to paste into the other version of the movie) and save the file.

    The only other thing you need to do in Subler (unless you want to add/correct any other tags) is to go to the "Other Settings" screen, set the media type for both versions to "Movie", and for the HD version only, check the "HD" tag.

    Save your files and then drag and drop them into your iTunes library. You will see the "HD-SD" flag show up right away - meaning that iTunes has accepted the layered entry - and the other tagging details will show up once both files are copied up.

    ETA: Sorry Diode, I realise you know how to do this, but the idiot's guide was meant for others reading this thread.
  12. sportster, Feb 1, 2011
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    I don't have any issues with the iPhone 4's and the AppleTV, it's my daughters old iPod Touch (1st gen) that throws it all off for me.

    I downloaded Subler, that part worked great. I've tried using MetaX in the past, still have an issue with it. When I used it, sometimes, it corrupts or changes the file so that it will no longer play. I need to work out whatever issues I have with MetaX, any tips? iTunes did combine the 2 movie files, I see HD-SD flag. I haven't tried sync'ing yet to the ipod touch. Does iTunes automatically sync the correct version to each device?
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    Thanks for the tip rayward & mpshay!

    I went threw and combined all my multiple copies of movies in my iTunes library. Is that the reason why when you buy/download a movie via iTunes the file size is so large? They include multiple copies that way you can play it on all devices?
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    I have the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, iPod Nano 5G, and iPod Classic 80 GB.

    So far I've noticed Aladdin, Lion King, Finding Nemo, Mulan,and Beauty and Beast.

    I may just have to have two formats of these in the movies library. I realize someone gave instructions on how to use subler to code so that the movie will only be listed once in the library to play in different formats, but I've screwed up my entire library before using Subler. I like the more user friendly interface of MetaX.

    I'm just wondering why all the other movies will play on all devices when converted using the universal setting in Handbrake except these Disney movies. Actually is is just the cartoons. All the Disney live action movies like Mary Poppins and Pirates of the Carribean play fine. All non-Disney cartoon rips and converts play fine on the multiple devices.
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    In iTunes under the advanced menu, just select "Create iPod version".
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    I've just noticed something. On the movies that I merged into one listing I can not play them on my AppleTV (1st gen). I had my 2 rips ATV1 setting and iPod touch setting I gave them the same contentID number and labeled the AppleTV on as HD. The sync part with the iPod touch works fine, nut now the movies will not play on the AppleTV. It just sits there withe the spinning wheel.

    Any ideas on what may have went went wrong?
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    I just did some testing with my issue...

    I copied one of the movies (both copies iPod touch and AppleTV) deleted it out of iTunes. I changed the ContentID on one of them, added them both back into iTunes. They showed up as 2 different moves. Tested it out with the AppleTV both copies of the movie worked fine with the AppleTV.

    Has anyone else had any kind of issues with the original (40gb 1st gen) AppleTV not liking movies combined into one listing?
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    I have 2 original ATVs and the HD/SD combo movies play fine on both of them. Wish I knew what was cuasing the problem you are having. :confused:

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