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Ripping CD's Question

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pcproff, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Ok try to follow me on this.. I have several cd's I want to rip to put into my iPod. Now everytime I rip a cd it stores it in the library in Itunes. After that I create a playlist on my iPod with the name of the cd and drag the songs from the library to the Ipod playlist and it stores the songs there. Now after that I want to be able to delete the songs from iTunes library so it does not take space on my powerbook's hard drive. But once deleted from iTunes the songs on the iPod disappear.. Can anyone help?? Thanks guys!
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    In a word - no.
    The iPod automatically looks for songs in iTunes. If they're not there then they'll be deleted from your iPod.
    The only way to do it is never to plug the iPod in again (not exactly practical).
    If it's taking up too much space why don't you rip at a lower bitrate?
    Or buy an external drive.
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    If you set your iPod to update manually, then I don't think it deletes songs. But you have to remember to drag in the new songs that you now want to add. An easy way of doing this is to create a 'Newly added' playlist so that you can find those songs easily
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    i'm fairly sure that if you set your ipod to 'manage songs manually' i,e so its no longer synced to your library, you would be able to do this.

    (beaten by applespider!)
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    Is that true even if the original files have been deleted? If so I stand humbly corrected ;)
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    If you sync songs manually, you can delete whatever you like on your computer, and it'll stay on your iPod.

    That said, doing so leaves you without a backup...
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    WEll, the original CD is the backup. And of course he owns the CDs he's ripping.
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    Guys I got it! Thanks for all your help and yes I think an extra drive is in the working.
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    Yep, it's true. If you set it to manually update you don't have to have any of the songs on the HDD. I had a small HDD on my old PC and used manual update to load about 4GB at a time onto my iPod, erasing the files from the PC's HDD as they were loaded.
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    Cool. Learn something new every day.

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